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  1. Looking for good places to trail ride around las cruces and riders to go with. Been all over the dona ana's, live close to them. Any suggestions? Dan
  2. Am looking to do mods to my '04 XR400. Got a steal on a new one from a dealer last fall. (was looking for somthing heavy and slow like myself). Have had two strokes my whole life what's the rule of thumb for jetting a 4-stroke. I think I'm a liitle rich at 4700 feet on a 75 degree day. At 7000 feet bogs and no pop in the throttle when you nail it. Have stock jetting, can I yank the snorkel, and maybe replace the filter with a uni without rejetting? How do I know if i have slight detonation without the obvious clatter? Thanks, Newbie
  3. Same boat, had my 04 XR4 for 6 months and only used it once, jetted to rich in mountains and flooded. Compression braking sounds intersting, might have to try that on steep downhills.
  4. Anyone have any experience with Jardine exhaust for an XR400? Or Jardine in general?
  5. I used to live on Maui, only go back occasionally to see family. Never did any dirt riding there but I had a Ninja I rode daily when I lived there. If your looking for a street bike cruiser type there are a couple of places I know of, two on dairy road in kahalui near the airport you will fly into and another on the other side of the island in lahaina. As for dual sport or dirt I'm unsure where to go but I know it is doable. Riding all the way around the south side of the island would be awesome on dual sport, a large portion of it is dirt. I'm a desert rat now, like to kick up dust on my XR400. Any questions let me know. Aloha!