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  1. Mad Mark 425

    New here ,have TW200

    Thanks for the link, and all the good info
  2. Mad Mark 425

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    CHINESE DUAL SPORT SIGHTING: I can't believe i actually saw one, and someone was riding it..I thought it was a 80's XL 250. It had a white gas tank, and red plastic like a honda. It had flame stickers on the side panels. The dude was riding it really hard and it sounded good. From a distance of 20 ft, you can't tell its not a Honda XL. Really suprised how good it looked, and how it was performing.
  3. Mad Mark 425

    Chinese 'dual sport' build report...

    Hey Timmy i was kidding. If i made fun sorry.
  4. Yeah sorry guys for some of my negative input. This has more hits than any other forum. You guys were right, i was wrong. I forgot what we started out on, stuff alot of you young guys would laugh at. I forgot that not everyone has the money to buy a 4000-8000 dollar bikes. Thanks for all the pictures the original poster did, and im sorry i made some fun.
  5. Mad Mark 425

    Chinese 'dual sport' build report...

    Pullin G's im not getting into a fight with you about "credentials". We were talking about an inordinate object. Safety with me is #1. My best friend broke his back at De Anza motorcycle track 14 years ago. I took a long break from riding after that. I take riding safely seriously, and only voiced my view on that. That ok with you?
  6. Mad Mark 425

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    The more i looked at the pictures of the guy sitting on bike i get more scared Is the frame broken?? The thing that makes it all worthwhile is the smile on his face. Except the picture of him giving the finger. Whats up with that Bro? Oh well....have a great turkey day gobble gobble
  7. Mad Mark 425

    New here ,have TW200

    Stoked dude, great bike Have you adjusted the valves yet? I just picked up a XT225 and wondered when to adjust valves. The book with bike says 600 miles and then 4000 after that. I know my TTR 225 valves got tight after a couple of months, and had them adjusted. Some people say every 1000 miles, no way am i going to do that. Trying to get up the courage to take it on the freeway, but alot of fast moving truck drivers wont even move over for cars. I get passed on 2 lane roads out here when im going the speed limit,,,,i guess cause the bikes look small. Got it up to 75 today, a little scary The manual says only one third throttle for like 1000 miles on break-in. How many people really do this? One dude on here said he rode home after he bought one 90 miles on the freeway. That ain't 1/3 throttle for sure. I guess the closer you are to the road, more sensation of speed. The thing i worry about the most is a stray dog, or giant jackrabbit darting out in front of me. In the high desert of cali, losts of both. There are packs of wild dogs out here(pit bulls and mixes) that the kind people of orange county abandonded here or got away from the owner.
  8. Mad Mark 425

    Chinese 'dual sport' build report...

    Dear Kind Sir: You might not only beat the bike to death, it could also cost your son an arm and a leg. Not to mention his life. A get off at any speed can be very painful as well as costly. Im sorry but this is not a dirt bike, but what i would call a campground bike. It looks very scary to me BTW is that a flight helmet? The clutch cable "snakes" across the speedo I dont mean to pop your baloon, but you guys are really making a mistake riding these. I was ok with them at first, but when you talk to guys who work in steel plants, the metal is substandard(at best). Alot of new riders dont know how fast they are going till they crash. Even a crash at 10 or 15 miles an hour can waste you. Im not expert, but i do have common sense.
  9. Mad Mark 425

    Chinese 'dual sport' build report...

    IMO:and im no expert...Just from your pictures, and they are great, the chinese motorcycles look very cheaply made. I would be very careful of riding these bikes, except on the street. Are these bikes up to D.O.T. standards? Failure of one of these bikes at speed, and you could be crippled for life. I would worry about substandard welds, and metal, and grading of bolts. At least if you buy a Yamaha and have factory defect, they might take care of it. Also, how the H do you get parts for these bikes when something breaks?. I ended up trading my 2005 TT-R for a 2005 XT 225 because i wanted to street ride some, and save on gas and have fun. I can't imagine riding a chinese motorcycle more than 15 miles an hour, due to possible catostrophic failure of machine. About the same speed i used to ride mopeds to be honest. Am i wrong? I just think its not about the money saved, cause whats your life and limbs worth?? Alot more than the money you saved on buying a dual sport that you cant register, because their not safe, at least to the DMV. Be Careful
  10. Mad Mark 425

    I reached a DEAD END...

    Don't do it!!! If you cause a fire, your responsible for all costs. And if one of you get hurt, you'll have alot of explaining to do, along with the fines and possibly getting your bike impounded and arrested. Come on up to the high desert, there are thousands of miles of open desert and tracks. I live above Barstow, and i have only seen the BLM guy once. Once you leave Victorville everything is wide open, Dumont Dunes, Stoddard Valley all legal. Last year we got over 30" of rain, 90" in the local mountains, but this year it is extreme fire danger. Only rained once since last winter.
  11. I love it when people get caught spewing misinformation in here. I learned real quick, do my own research. Just cause Johnny makes a statement, dont make it true. You could of cost Husky a missed sale due to your lack of knowledge. If you dont have experience with a certain motorcycle, why would you make all these stupid statements about them not having parts in stock, and the high maintenance
  12. Great thread, so tired of the Yamaha/Honda is better debate forums..yawn. Thanks for all the great pictures and the time to type all the written stuff. The only thing i saw i didnt like is the lack of a 6th gear. Ever since i switched to dual sport im noticing potholes everywhere, and i dont mean Kottonmouth King fans. There are potholes out here in the high desert that could swallow a Volkswagen.
  13. Mad Mark 425

    New here ,have TW200

    Hondamaint, glad your enjoying your TW200. First of all there is no such thing as a "girls bike". Girls bikes dont have top tubes!!! Im riding a 05 TTR 230 , mainly because my 2004 CR 125 was stolen from me after only having it 3 weeks, brand new. Important good locks!!! The Kryptonite key locks that you can lock on the disk or back sproket can save your bike. The tweaker thief cut two locks, and just rolled it away. I could'nt afford to replace my 2 smoke with another one after it got stolen. I ride trails anyways, but i am like you going to get a dual sport. Don't worry about what people say about the kind of bike you ride. Most of the people degrading others choice of bikes, are MM wanabee types anyways. I used to have a XT 350 yamaha, and am really bummed they only make a 200 and a 225. Im thinking of Honda 650, but damn, 342 pounds?? Plus your saving a ton of gas dude
  14. Mad Mark 425

    dumb dumb and dumb

    Go Dirt Daddy, your on a roll bro....i gotta agree with you on this one
  15. Mad Mark 425

    Check out my TTR150L

    Wow, you did an incredible job on your TT-R!!! This is what makes this forum so great. Please keep us posted on how the frame holds up. Its amazing this dude can jump his TT-R that high, and dosnt shatter the frame. Also, dont believe everything you read on these forums. I read one that said the Honda 230 was 12 pounds lighter than the TT-R 230. Wrong..try 3 pounds!! Its fun sorting out the fact from fiction inthese posts, i read then research it myself. Thanks everybody for sharing all your pictures and information.