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  1. scubaforruben

    Problem during Decomp plug install.

    thanks for that. should i try sanding at all?
  2. scubaforruben

    Problem during Decomp plug install.

    i just started up my bike, and after sitting for about 10 minutes it seems like there is a slow leak... just great!
  3. scubaforruben

    Problem during Decomp plug install.

    i would say its a few millimeters into the opening. part of the head. i was using a flat head screwdriver to remove the old plug, and just sort of plowed through the soft metal in one place
  4. Well, while i was prying out the old rubber plug, i had no clue how deep it was mostly because i wasnt paying attention, and kind of dinged up the inside. a pretty big shaving came off inside, and there is definetly a gouge in it. Did i screw myself here?
  5. scubaforruben

    Another Sand Related Thread..

    thanks for the replies everyone.
  6. scubaforruben

    Another Sand Related Thread..

    Well, I have an 05 YZ250F, all stock. I've been to glamis on my old 01 YZ125, and had fun, but it was definetly work. I'm mostly worried about causing harm to my engine. I've blown up an 80 in the dunes, and a friend has blown his 125. I only go to the dunes a couple times a year. I weigh 175, and I plan on getting a 6 paddle for my bike. On my 125 we couldn't find a good place to mount a flag, so we just drilled through the rear fender to mount it. Does anyone have an easier way?? Also, what about jetting? Thanks for any tips... I'm mostly just worried about doing harm to the bike, being wide open all of the time and straining the motor that hard..
  7. scubaforruben

    sproket bolts

    $50? I'm guessing you can get a full set of OEM bolts and washers for under $10... Call your dealer.
  8. scubaforruben

    Question about chain.

    I did a search and found alot of good information about grinding out the pins for installation of a new chain. What I couldnt find is if there is any change on how many links i'm taking out if im adding teeth to my sprocket. I went to a 49 from the stock 48, and the chain I decided on was a 120 link D.I.D. 520ERT. It was on sale at chaparral for $49 so I figured it would be a good buy. This is my first bike that i'm maintaining on my own, so i'm trying to learn step by step. thanks.
  9. scubaforruben

    Let see everyones computer desktop.

    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v209/rosesforreason/desktop.jpg random picture....
  10. scubaforruben

    Is it still worth it?

    they appear to be... unbelievable...
  11. scubaforruben

    Looking at an 05 YZ250F, need help.

    In my opinion if the bike is in good condition, that is a great price. Most of the 05's here in the Southern California cycle trader are going for $4800-$5000. I picked up a bone stock 05 a couple of months ago that had about 10 rides on it, and I got a great deal for $4000.
  12. scubaforruben

    Stock Rim?

    ahhh. i see. i was a little concerned that maybe the guy took the nice rims and stuck these on! thanks guys
  13. scubaforruben

    Stock Rim?

    I just had a quick question. Did the 05 250Fs come stock with Excel rims? I remember my 01 YZ125 came stock with them... i just purchased a bike used, and after looking at it more closely i noticed that they were D.I.D. rims, not excel.
  14. I recently purchased a slightly used 05 YZ250F. After my first ride with it, I noticed the left fork seal was leaking badly. Since i'm figuring its going to cost around $100 for parts and labor to rebuild the forks, im considering just going all out and getting a revalve for the forks AND shock. The only thing im not certain about is whether or not i'll need new springs. I weigh 175 with no gear, and I am a mid-pack novice. My next question is about a feeler gauge so I can start checking my valve clearances. What are some brands that you guys would reccomend?? Thanks in advance.
  15. scubaforruben

    Where to find a nice torque wrench?

    Thanks for the tip RCannon. So I pretty much just have to go by feel on the drain bolts?? How tight would you say i should go on them?? Thanks in advance.