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  1. I rebuilt my 05 CRF450R w/new 13.5:1 piston. To break it in, I cranked it at home, warmed it up and shut it off. Brought it to Hangtown track, ran a few laps easy on it, lightly accelerating enough to build power but not hard. Cooled it down, rode it till I thought it was warm and rode it race speed. I kid you not, the compression is so high on this bike, I can barely kick it without my boots on. I have to hand it to Honda for honing the cylinder for me and rebuilt head.
  2. Thank you! Its a 1974 DT125
  3. I ride this guy to the gym but because it has sentimental value to me, I don't do much else with it.
  4. I just did this to my 74 DT125 about 30 mins ago. I used a dial gauge in spark plug hole, but I had a service manual that gave me BTDC, 1.8mm in my case. Do you have a service manual? Also, did you clean the jets with a needle or something. I know they get clogged after sitting up.
  5. very nice work...
  6. rear blinkers are being sent to me. She had them.
  7. Ok, I bought the bike today. Here are some pictures: I took it for a joy ride in my neighborhood. : )
  8. I already know about the bike's weaknesses. It would be used for short rides to the gym and nothing else really. Its a nostalgia thing. Oh yeah, it had problems. You didn't mention soft sprockets and attachment points on wheel and the thing that caught me off guard was water would leak into the ignition compartment. 125 Front fender was plastic so no bending, but the rear was metal.
  9. Originally, I thought they were good offers (thinking he may have been asking more than he wanted) but I probably came in way too low initially at $1000, $1200. Then I asked what it would take to bring the bike home today. IE, I would have paid the $1500. His response was some other buyer said he would give him $1700 later this week. if the other buyer drops out, I might still have a chance to buy it.
  10. Its got CALIF tags already so thats not a problem. Hes being tough...I've made him two offers, turned me down twice. Just asked him what it would take to get it TODAY!
  11. Negotiating w/the owner now. He is asking $1500.
  12. nice! I had one of these in 1975 if you can believe that. I remember pulling the cylinder for piston/ring change. Does the 125 head work or do you need a 175 head?
  13. Hi, looking at buying one of these. The bike is the Brandy Red tank color. Wondering if anyone knows what one in good condition goes for. I found one recently and may buy it just for short rides to the gym. Thanks users for any info.
  14. Supercross

    that about sums it up. I like the fact that he starts w/new team and kicks azz. JS is still a force. People hate him because he tries hard. Hangtown is my home track. I watched him in 2005 and at the time, he seemed like he played with the rest, besides Carmichael. He does seem to have a rougher time of it now, but that track is seriously rough. Villapoto would have had to work hard to beat him.
  15. I put a 13.5:1 piston in mine I while back. I wish I had never done it. It does run ok on 91 octane, but I often will splash it with 100 octane. The problem I have is it so hard to kick, I can barely start it. make sure your decompression is set to work well!