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  1. nicker

    Lets see your vintage ride

    My 79 klx250 has 293 original mile on the clock. With a cam, super-trap, and "free-mods" it runs great! But i'm on my second gas tank. Bth the original and the current one are checked and cracked all the way through. Where can i get a good tank.......???? -nicker-
  2. nicker

    Lets see your vintage ride

    That PE400 Suzuki appears to have a nice size front brake. Do you have any trouble overheating it? My 79 KLX has a small front brake that i've overheated once. It's no fun grabbing a hand full of nothing! Is that the original Tank? Is it plastic? -nicker-
  3. nicker

    Lets see your vintage ride

    Cool...! I thought i was the only idiot still riding a 1979 twin-shock KLX-250.... :-) Now for the problem. I'm on my second tank. These plastic things seem to just desolve after a while. Where do i go to get a good usable tank........ :-( -nicker-
  4. nicker

    Lets see your vintage ride

    Cool...! I
  5. nicker

    1st year klx made

    Right; That seems to be a generally held opinion. But, it seems like such an irrational answer, in that it's a small bore 4-stroke and impacts the environemnt a hell of a lot less than the 1000cc K-model Beemer i normally ride....And the KLX is in brand new condition, unlike the Beemwr which smokes. Go figure.......
  6. nicker

    1st year klx made

    Thanks so much for the reply; It hasn't had a CA green sticker on it since 79, it may not even show up on the DMV computer.........? Over the years i've had mixed luck with the DMV. Some transactions have been a slam-dunk and others a drawn out battle. In 70 i managed to get one of their first "DMV" reconstruction numbers (a real drag!!). I'm not realy looking forward to goin down there and i realy don't know how to even approach the problem. If i show up with the title and say the wrong thing i might close the door permanently...??? ................... NICKER
  7. nicker

    1st year klx made

    Sorry to interupt; I'm new and the reason i registered is because i want to duasprot my 79 KLX. You-all probably have all the information i need. A friend was the local K-dealer and couldn't move his dirt bikes because there were few places to ride. He made me a deal i couldn't refuse including cam upgrade and super trap. THe only roblem was, i too couldn't find an easily acessable riding place, except me backyard, so it sat there with less than 100 miles on the clock. Now i'm retired, on a fixed income and gas prices have me negotiating trips to the hardware store. So, now that i'm living in a more rural area, i'm thinking that the littel KLX would make a great around town and ocasional dirt road slider. I need a manual to give it a tune up and some advice on registration. I know it proably doesn't have a charging system, but i figured for my limited use a total loss batter lighting would do for brakelights, blinkrs and horn would do. Any ideas where i can start? THanks in advance for any help you-all can offer Nicker