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  1. bergerhag

    2000 TXT280 Brakes

    The TXT280 has a floating rotor setup. It is supposed to move around a bit. The caliper should not move. The floating rotor must be able to move sideways slighty so that it can align itself perfectly between the brake pads. If it is mounted snugly onto the hub, it will inevitably push the pistons back and making your brakes need an extra pump once in a while to get them to grip. The floating rotor is to ensure exact brake application and grip consistently throughout your ride. As for the squeal, there is special adhesive tape that fits on the metal part of the brakepads that will make it quiet.
  2. bergerhag

    2005 GasGas EC450 FSE Help/Questions

    Any newer sensor would work, however the connectors are different so you might be left to do some work to adapt it.
  3. bergerhag

    1998 Gas Gas 270 - First Trials Bike

    Suspension linkage take quite a beating from slamming into rocks, lay bike on the side and take a good look. Also check frame geometry, that the wheels align. Trial bikes can get quite abit of abuse from falling from high cliffs and such.
  4. bergerhag

    1998 Gas Gas 270 - First Trials Bike

    A bike that old easily becomes a money-devouring black hole. (at least when beeing as picky as I am about everything working perfectly)
  5. bergerhag

    radiator fan 12v DC motor on gasser replacement?

    There's a thread on trialscentral on the subject, using a model boat motor. http://www.trialscentral.com/forums/topic/32427-txt-cooling-fan-motor-replacement/
  6. bergerhag

    Interchangeable parts

    Rear brake rotor is KTM, rear sprocket is husky. There is a crossover parts list at gasgasrider.org.
  7. bergerhag

    2004 gas gas ec300 questions

    The rear subframe was made of low quality aluminium. lift seat and check for cracks/breaks
  8. bergerhag

    looking for a comparison for a GG EC300

    Grats on your new bike. I have one too. Keep an eye on the cable choke. Mine had too little play in the cable and it occasionally opened the choke and made it run very rich off the bottom. I did a field fix and just removed the lever.
  9. bergerhag

    2009 GasGas Sachs Tuning Question

    How did this turn out, fergus? I'm sitting on a 2010 EC300, and the forks are really hurting me on the small stuff. Forks/suspension work very good on whoops, and soaking up jumps an such, but on roots, sharp small rocks and edges, no. Don't they have rocks in Spain?
  10. 0.10 -0.15 mm intake 0.20 -0.25 mm exhaust
  11. bergerhag

    Gasgas FSR450/515 dual-sport?

    I have put some 200h of hard enduro riding on my '05. I have changed the valve play ONCE. That was after 30h from new. Book says change oil every 30h, I change oil and filter every 20h.
  12. bergerhag

    Ohm test a coil-on-plug?

    Thanks. My coil is definately fried then.
  13. Should it be possible to ohm test the secondary coil on a coil-on-plug as any normal coils would? My coil ohm readout is now 'open circuit', and I strongly suspect it is broken. Just need to have it verified that it should actually be possible to do this kind of test. Bike is a Gasgas FSE450 '05.
  14. bergerhag

    GAS GAS MC65 clutch

    The MC65 engine is basically a Derbi Senda pre '05 moped engine. you should be able to find clutch plates at your nearest moped parts supplier. Howver I have not tested this myself, there might be differences to std moped stuff.
  15. bergerhag

    oil light on my 450 Gasser

    The connector in picture no two is the computer service interface. That's where you plug in the laptop with technoresearch VSTDS software to do diagnostics. The connector is normally zip-tied on top front of the airbox, just behind/below the tank.