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  1. T4-Fast_Guy

    TM 2018 info

    I believe parts are specific to their shock. Certainly things like seal heads and possibly o-rings. I'm sure you could get shims that cross over quite easily however. The design of the shock is based of of a works Showa shock I believe.
  2. T4-Fast_Guy

    TM 2018 info

    TM is a very small operation with only 40 or so people working there. They have put their focus on where bikes are selling. Traditional enduro and MX. Remember too, they manufacture cart motors and that seems to be even larger than their motorcycle endeavors. Also they have become the spec engine supplier for Moto 3 in the Italian National Road Racing Championships which is huge! I would love to see TM do more, like make a DOT legal bike for the US market, but it is a small company and they do not think they could keep up with our demand if they did (What they make in a month, most manufacturers make in a day). But, what they do they do extremely well.....I love my TM and look forward to my next one!!!
  3. T4-Fast_Guy

    TM 2018 info

    The 2019 models will have EFI, and electric start. I've seen the bike..... They will STILL have 9 sprocket bolts however!!! My tour guide at TM told me it was to make for a stronger mounting point for the sprocket because the tabs are closer together. I'm no engineer so who am I to argue? That said, TM USA has aftermarket wheels sets with 6 sprocket bolts if it really bothers you guys that much.
  4. T4-Fast_Guy

    TM 2018 info

    I was at the TM factory a few weeks ago and saw the new 2T in prototype form (they would not allow me to take pictures though). TM is an amazing company that is on the rise. My guide there told me that because they are small they can react quickly and make running changes to the line while still in production. I was absolutely amazed by the quality of craftsmanship, pride and passion the people put into building these bikes! So my first visit to a motorcycle factory an it was amazing. I now know why a TMs are as expensive and as great as the are! Tons of CNC and hand work and lots of passion and care. I was floored by the process. Each motor for example, is built by one man start to finish. Custom porting and head configurations are available. Each cylinder is hand finished (ports cleaned, cases matched etc). Each frame is hand welded by 1 person beginning to end then the frames are tempered in house. 1 person assembles each bike start to finish. Each bike is tested before crating and shipping to make sure it is as perfect as can be. There are no robots anywhere in the factory and 90% of the bike is made in house and 100% hand built. Unless you build your own bike in your garage, you just cannot buy this type of quality from any other manufacturer! Especially in off-road. Shock being dynoed. Throttle bodies Sand cast engine cases just out of the mold ready for cleaning. Got hubs? Frames just out of tempering process Triple Clamps
  5. T4-Fast_Guy

    TM Time

    I had pipe guards made for the Scalvini that also fit the Pro Circuit pipes as well (not completely perfectly but they work well). They are made by P3 and are much nicer than the Meta guards currently available from TM USA. I have a bunch left that I will sell at my manufactured cost...... Let me now if you have any interest
  6. T4-Fast_Guy

    Cold race this weekend!

    Relax it will be in the 40s Sunday.
  7. T4-Fast_Guy

    Troy Lee Design Catalyst X Knee Braces Or....?

    I have a set and couldn't be happier! They are a true medical grade knee brace. Check out VQ OrthoCare. They make the brace for TLD and they are made in the USA. They are easy to rebuild and very durable. Check out the attached reviews http://www.vitalmx.com/product/guide/Knee-Accessories,36/Troy-Lee-Designs/Catalyst-X-Knee-Brace,8990 http://www.troyleedesigns.com/videos/troy-lee-designs-catalyst-x-knee-brace-by-vq-orthocare
  8. T4-Fast_Guy

    Alias Gear

    The Alias gear I've seen seems cheaply made compared to some of the other top shelf brands like Fox and TLD. IIts definitely not like the old No Fear gear. IMO, TLD SE gear is the absolute best! It just doesn't wear out....
  9. T4-Fast_Guy

    ECEA vs. NEOC?

    Some events it is good to have a big tank. I don't so I stop but I have a dry brake set up on my bike so my pit stops are like 5 seconds.
  10. T4-Fast_Guy

    Lets bash helmets

    They are made in one of the best composites factorys in the world. This factory makes many of the high end bicycle components we see in the Tour and Giro. I think Troy was there first, then Fox and now Bell. If you are having snap issues contact TLD and see what they will do. I have found them very accomdating with stuff like that. Troy is a helmet painter so what would you expect of his graphics! haha. Oh and BTW, I'm wearing a Moto9 now. It fits great! Different than my SE3 but still great!
  11. T4-Fast_Guy

    Lets bash helmets

    This should settle a lot: http://motocross.transworld.net/1000157686/features/insight-bell-helmets/ Bell is the ONLY halmet manufacturer to have the ability to design, devolep, test and prototype in the US. Once they finish the molds, they ship them to the factory for production. You should note that Bell posted EXCELLENT numbers. 6D posts their 3,5 &6 MPS numbers but not their 7.5MPS which makes me wonder......The other thing to consider is that once you compress the dampers in the 6D you have 2 pieces of EPS of the same density which make for a very hard hit. The Mips in the ONE helmet is interesting but unproven and I don't know if they are using a multidensity liner in conjunction with the Mips membrane. Oh and BTW the old Dirt Rider article is for the old Snell 2005 standard helmets. Not relevant in any modern helmet conversation any more. Its should also be noted that Snell 2015 is in devolement now and will be out next year sometime (usually fall) Lastly, HJC makes HJC, XSpeed, Thor, Icon, Z1R, 61? (whatever that helmet that Cycle Gear has). KBC does Answer, MSR, Oneal, Fox, One, Scorpion, 661, EVS and a few others I'm forgetting. The Fox V4, TLD (both Air and SE3) and Bell Moto 9 are produced in the same factory. Which is NOT owned by HJC or KBC.
  12. T4-Fast_Guy

    Hare Scramble ECEA vs. NEOC?

    I undersatand time constraints for sure. However, I like riding a lot of different stuff. To me, especially growing up in north NJ, I love the rocky technical riding. I think you should ride everything and be well rounded. The safety issues actually happen in the C events. The C-Senior line averages 30 per event. Not to say its any easier in the ECEA the vet and senior line are big there too. It just seems like there are less issues in the ECEA. In fact to my knowlege, there wer only 2 serious injuries in the ECEA all year. As I said though you should ride both and see what you like. There no reasn to stick to just one. There is a lot of riding available and it all starts on 3-1!!! Good Luck
  13. T4-Fast_Guy

    Hare Scramble ECEA vs. NEOC?

    They are both quality organizations. ECEA: The pluses 1. AMA Scantioned (looks better on the resume) 2. Widest variety of courses (rocks, loam, sand, MX....if you can ride ECEA than you can ride anywhere) 3. Organized, friendly and fair. They have gotten better and better every year. Last year was the best and I think it will get even better. 4. They do the little things right. 5. The banquet is absolutely the BEST! Huge trophies and killer contingencies! 6. 14 events to choose from! ECEA: The Minuses 1. Some extra cost involved with AMA memberships 2. Little bit more travel to get that variety of terrain 3. Awards are different from event to event (which actually isn't really a minus I guess) 4. 14 events! NEOC: The Pluses 1. Localized series mainly in South Jersey 2. One guy runs the whole thing 3. Courses are fast and open 4. Awards are exactly the same from event to even (you know what your are going to get) NEOC: The Minuses 1. Localized in South Jersey. (I think only 2 events outside SJ) 2. One guy runs the whole thing (judge jury and executioner) 3. Courses can be dangerous wthis speeds and amount of riders (upwards of 900 at some events which, is cool but sketchy). I have heard of at least one helecoptor or ambulance ride at almost every event. 4. Only 10 events As you can see there are pluses and minuses for each series. I like the ECEA the best because of the people and variety of terrain. Their courses are so good its hard not to become a better rider. I guess you have to ask yourself what are you really looking for and want to get out of racing a series? Really, the best thing is to ride them both and then decide.
  14. T4-Fast_Guy

    2013+ TM12, 144, 250 2st

    Ridden them both the 300 here in the east coast USA and the 125 at Glen Helen in Ca. The 300 is beyond belief IMO. Amazing power (I've never been out gunned by a 450) and handles well. The 125 was equally as impressive. It hauled my fast ass around the hills of GH with no issuea what so ever. My 300 has been stone relieable. I can't say on the 125 as I only borrowed it for the weekend.
  15. T4-Fast_Guy

    Shoei vfx-w vs bell moto 9 carbon

    I know for a fact Shoei does its testing and it is a great lid. The difference is, Shoei will never show you those numbers that Bell did in that video. Also Shoei can't do what Bell is capable of doing on site here in the USA. Also, to my knowledge only Bell and 6D have published safety numbers and 6D has not published their 7.5 mps numbers (again, I know what they are but cannot say....damn lawyers, guns and money).....You will like the Shoei I'm sure....