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  1. check the fuel air screw try turning it in or uot a 1/4 turn that may fix the prob had same prob on my 02
  2. one word valves i had same prob with my 02
  3. suspension!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. if you check your valves regularly you will be fine
  5. my 02 yz does it but only when i first ride it.if it does not stop after a few min check wat kind of oil you are running. some oil will not work with the cluch one my yz and the dealer said to make sure the oil had the right api rating for my bike.it could be as simple as using the right oil or a quick clutch adjustment
  6. if you want a wimpy trail bike go for the ttr but if you want something with A bit more power and somethin to take more abuse go for the wr 250f they are a bit more money but are way More bike
  7. i saw it and it was terrible the bikes were diffrent in every scene and the sound effects were all wrong
  8. i have a 2002 yz 250f and i put a hotter plug in my bike and all it did Was help get rid of the low rpm bog and improved throttle response slightly
  9. my bor has a yz 250f adn my friend ahs te yz 125 and i like the 125 better cuz i like 2 strokes but the 250 is alot easier to ride but i like a chalenge