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  1. Thanks for the tip I will give it a try tommorow.
  2. Ok here is an update on this bike. Found that the hose going to airbox was loose, put it back and made a temp air cleaner out of sponge. Bike will crank but only when you take spark plug out and pour a bit of gas in then replace pulg will kick start right up. But, it will not idle down revs wide open, you can twist throttle and it brings is back but right back up again. Could the choke be my problem?
  3. thanks if you would like to see more here is a link to our site check some of the videos and photo page out I have a picture of my Grandpas old harley on there also I know it is way of the subject but I just wanted to share
  4. I myself didnt mean to offend anyone, It is just that on my first post a few years ago someone started bashing a reply that someone had gave me. I just figured that it was going to be a bunch of bashing each other all thru a post that was intended to be serious. Thanks for the support. Does anyone know about the battery situation for this bike. It is one of those that will not run without it correct? Because of the oil mixer, does it run some sort of genertor/stator type device also? I will check (air) this evening. Bike is clean and not full of dirt dust rust etc.. Thanks
  5. well yes it does have spark it was the first thing checked. and as for the compression no we have not had time to check with a guage i was just saying that it sounded ok sorry it was worded wrong. Was also going by what previous owner said about it running. as usual i suppose i will just stay off these stupid forums thanks
  6. My husband and I just purchased a GT80 and have not got it to crank yet. The previous owner says It has sit for about a year without being cranked. I put a new battery and plug in. You can kick till you are blue in the face. You can put it in gear and push it and it will turn over but doesnt sound like it wants to fire. Sounds like it has good compression. It has fuel going to the carb. Checked the fuse. Kill switch is turned to run. Any other things besides the obvious that I could be overlooking. Thanks for any ideas.
  7. The ATV boot thing - I have this issue also. I have Fox Forma Pros for the bike but when we bought TRX400exs last week I ran into the stiff boot issue for shifting - also the boots are too tall. (Ordered some Thore Quad Off Roads) but they are way stiff to break in too. Are there any boots out there that do not have the plastic molded ankle plates in them? I have an old atv injury that left me without an ankle joint ( cant bend my left foot up and down much over 2 to 3 inches) which also causes shifting issues. Any help finding a decent ATV boot that may double for MX trail riding boot to would be great. (mostly for atv trail riding) Forgot to mention I am a thumpette - which adds to the delima of finding the correct size the match my womens 8 1/2 foot.
  8. Just an update on the smoke - I've been tinkering around with the carb and worked the smoke deal out. It was a bit rich. And after sitting a while a puff of smoke comes out upon cranking
  9. no, the shop couldnt find a maker (k&n etc.) and said that he didnt know who would have them (sometimes i wonder if it is just not being lazy) i found the part # from Honda called them back and they ordered it
  10. Thanks redrider150f for the ecouragement on the 110 - i was worried
  11. Okay here is what I ordered. (low altitude - we live and ride at 2000-3000) 150 16012-kpt-921 99103-kpt-0420 (#42) 99113-ghb-1100 (#110) 230 16012-kps-921 99113-ghb-1350 (#135)
  12. They couldnt find ones for my bikes - so i did some research and found the honda part #s for the power up and went to them and they ordered them for me. ( I think that sometimes they get a little lazy) Also ordered Twin Air filters for both, and a 12 tooth sproket for my 150.
  13. Hubby checked the oil level in my bike and it had a bit to much in it. So now we know.
  14. called the shop - they say that they don't know who makes the jets for this bike. Anybody put them in? can you tell me the brand name. and where is the best place to order the sprocket?