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  1. D445547

    Headset Tightening Question

    Thanks to all who posted, steering is feeling great now! Derik
  2. D445547

    Stock Fuel Tank Capacity?

    HI All, Got a DRZ with no manual. 3 questions: What is the stock fuel tank capacity? What is the riding range on stock capacity? What is the best aftermarket fuel tank (looks best, no install hastle)? Got pics??? Thanks again! Derik
  3. D445547

    Headset Tightening Question

    Hello, Last night I replaced my steering bearing races/bearings. My question is: How do I know when I have tightened the main steering nut enough? I don't want to over or undertighten it. I used to be a mountain bike mechanic and did a lot of these but it seems very hard to tell on a motorcycle where the sweet spot is. TIA! Derik
  4. D445547

    E85 fuel in DRZ, how many%

  5. D445547

    E85 fuel in DRZ, how many%

    Hi dhdshdsgjajd
  6. D445547

    Testement to Honda and the XR

    "man, if the one side of my tank wasn't all screwed up i'd get a set"
  7. D445547

    Testement to Honda and the XR

    Man, that bike takes good care of you. Thanks for the nice comments on the graphics forum by the way. Derik
  8. D445547

    More sweet graphics

    Thanks Baja Me!
  9. D445547

    More sweet graphics

    Bob, We sure could work together on doing something with your swingarm and template for the tank. Contact me via D445547@aol.com and we will work it out. Thanks, Derik
  10. D445547

    More sweet graphics

    Derek, Thanks for the compliments bro, makes it all worth it. I can enlarge my graphics, whichever one you like, to fit your IMS tank. They will say 440 on them I can also add a cool "Big Bore" below the 440 in a Hemi style font..I've done that one before and it looks sharp. I can mock one up for you if you like. I still have the measurements for an IMS tank and with proper placement on your part they will look great. I have a tribal style on ebay right now as an example of a background as well as my new flame style. I also have one more iron cross design like OCC but it is not on ebay right now. I can enlarge any of them. My ebay name is Dfreeridz, look it up and find my sale items. As far as doing your avitar, that would look cool but the Honda wing is registered...I dont want to get shut down before I begin Let me know and contact me at D445547@aol.com. Thanks, Derik
  11. D445547

    More sweet graphics

    Got some new designs out today. Thought you might want to know about it. Derik http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4643634345&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&rd=1 http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4643639723&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&rd=1
  12. D445547

    More sweet graphics

    I model them off of my '02 XR 400. If that will fit the early 80s tank then yes. I have a bunch of sets up on ebay right now if you want to see my designs. Just type in XR 250 or 400 in the search engine. Looks like they are linked earlier in this thread too. I can give you measurements if you like. Thanks, Derik
  13. D445547

    More sweet graphics

    Hello Everyone , My attention to this thread has been brought to me by Mike Rides Red via a personal e-mail. I am the guy producing these graphics. I would like to thank Mike publicly, among others I see, for endorsing my graphics. I am thrilled to see all the great response I have been getting lately regarding the graphics. In response to the questions I have been reading: Yes, the graphics are perforated as seen in the close up photo. Thanks again to Mike. I don't know about the rest of you but those huge perforation holes you find commonly in aftermarket graphics just don't do it for me. I went small because it looks clean and it works. Direct fuel tank applications do have difficulty with surface fuel vapor leakage. That is what can cause bubbles. The graphics are of high quality. I use vinyl as would be expected. I also use a special UV protectant overlaminate to ward off the suns rays. They are gas resistant. I highly advise against doing this but to test them I soaked them in gas for a long time...no problem. Yes I do custom work. I get back to you FAST and I get the set out to you as quickly as I can. I try to be the McDonald's drive-thru of custom graphics. Why? Because it's what I would want. As far as hiring anyone on to work with me as mentioned in this thread :wink:, it won't happen anytime soon...but what a great prospect! I have a regular job that takes up a HUGE amount of my time. I do this with red eyes mostly late at night. I started this because I wanted a set of graphics on my own personal XR that I could not find anywhere. Funny thing is the bike became a canvas for designs and requested custom jobs. I still don't have a set on my own bike! Profit? Yes, there is some. This is still America isn't it? However, it goes directly into my equipment, material and design time....so no...not really. I am one guy with graphics equipment and experience doing this. Since my first personal design this has turned into a hobby for me. I don't do any other bikes besides the XR. I don't have the time. A huge thanks again to all of you who support my effort to bring unique graphics to XR owners. I'm going to bed. Sincerely, Derik
  14. Hi there, I was wondering what the owners of these tanks thought about them? Any reason I should get a different tank? And....the important one: Does anyone have a pic of this tank on their bike? TYIA!!!!! D
  15. D445547

    jetting please help

    Yup, popping on decel means too small of a pilot jet. I also run a 60.