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  1. zshow821

    Removing front disk guard 2009?

    I just pressed the spacer out, no problem.
  2. zshow821

    09 and 22mm clamps?

    I considered the bike unraceable in stock form. I had my 2005 crf with fresh factory connection suspension sitting in the corner so I decided to see if the whole front end would fit (24mm offset). It did and I was pleased with the transformation. I haven't been able to test back to back with the original front end yet as I will wait till I get the stock stuff revalved. Overall I liked it.
  3. zshow821

    Decompressor pin update 09?

    The dealer replaced the pin before I bought it. The mechanic put a punch mark on the frame next to the VIN # Gutch, I'm near Plattsburgh
  4. zshow821

    Decompressor pin update 09?

    Look for a punch mark next to the VIN number
  5. zshow821

    Tore My ACL

    It all depends what the makeup of your muscles around your knee is like. Some people can get away with not having an ACL. I went several years without one and had no problems. I have had 2 surgeries to repair everything. The first was a cleanup and recovery was about a month. A total rebuild will be about a year. Talk to a good ortho to help decide what to do.
  6. zshow821

    Shock nitrogen charge

    Can anyone tell me what the standard charge is for a 2005 crf
  7. zshow821

    Wanted: New 05 CRF450

    Call Dame Motorsports in Plattsburgh, NY. 518-563-9700. Last time I was there they still had one.