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  1. white heat

    edelbrock pumper needs parts

    thanks , but i tried the edelbrock site first only to find needles and cables. i'm looking for the carb gaskets and a small diaphram on the pump actuator.
  2. white heat

    edelbrock pumper needs parts

    anyone know of an online store ?
  3. white heat

    96xr 400 needs diagnosis

    thanks for the help, i take a peek a the jets
  4. white heat

    96xr 400 needs diagnosis

    i just got my 96 started up for the first time after a long winter. i didn't stabilize the gas so the bike was a little hard to start. kicking it over, the compression felt low. i did not check the decompression adjustment, but don't know if it's in need of a top end ? it never has been done, but the bike has not been ridden more than 6 rides / yr. once i had started , white smoke appeard / soon dissappeared. the pumper carb did not like to idle down low where i usually have it set, it would stall out. it did run strong and idled better with time, but still didn't seem to be smooth at the low rpms, is that just bad gas in the tank / carb ? also, if the smoking cleared up after start-up, wouldn't i have smoke while running due to rings, and/or valve clearances ? i'll check the decompression lever, but with the pumper carb, a few blasts of the throttle and it starts / stalls on the first kick. it stays started when the idle is turned up. once the bike is warmed up, i turn it back down, but it stalls. any thoughts ?
  5. white heat

    Dr Mark, muscle atrophy and vascularity

    ok but is there any relationship between muscle atrphy and vascularity ?
  6. i broke my wrist about 9mos ago. my right arm was in a full arm cast for a few weeks and atrophy did set in. today, the wrist and total arm muscle is back to normal except that the veins in my right arm seem to have taken on a different appearance than the left arm, basically not as many visible veins. both arms used to be vascularly symmetrical. any thoughts ?
  7. white heat

    Mental Problems??

    gotta love the title to this thread...too funny ! in any case, i broke my wrist back in june and it's almost 100% now. but to respond to the original poster, yes, i often think about getting back on the bike since my little wipe out. breaking only one small bone in the wrist and being confined to a long arm cast in no fun and very humbling. my life felt like it was on hold. i do a lot of drawing and computer work for work so doing that with a casted drawing arm, no good. now that i'm healthy, i plan on getting on the bike again. i actually got on for a quick spin around the neighborhood and it felt great. from now on though, i feel that my crazy days of going balls out on the bike are over. it's really not worth it. like another above poster said, i plan on just chillin out on the bike. i'm married 32, and lead an active lifestyle that demands my 100% so easing up on the bike makes sense. you have to do what you heart tells you. speed safe
  8. white heat

    Dr. Mark, fractured radial styloid

    anyone have problems with their hand (the onenext to a healing wrist ) becoming a little numb or falling asleep at night ? what is that from ?
  9. white heat

    Dr. Mark, fractured radial styloid

    so it's been 7 weeks now and my fracture is all healed up, now i've trying to regain strength and range of motion. grip strength is about 85% and forearm strength is less. so far, i've been using a squeuzee ball for gripping and a homemade winching device for forearm strength. my wrist is still swollen a bit ( about 1/4" in dia more ) so range of motion has not been easy. i went to the physical therapist once and they gave some exercises to help, but i wanted to know what some of you have done for getting back your wrist range of motion ? any advice from the good doctor mark would be most appreciated. thanks dave
  10. white heat

    Dr. Mark, fractured radial styloid

  11. my doc told me it was the " chaffuer's fracture ". i wiped out on the bike about 5 weeks ago and just got out of a cast, no surgery...phew ! it was a small fracture, no displacement. wrist range of motion is improving more and more each day as i gently stretch and grasp things to regain my use. i have been told that at 10 weeks, i can begin lifting weights again but my doc is very cautious. Dr. Mark what are your thoughts on how soon and how much i can use my wrist for exercise and therapy ? I'm asking for your opinion since you are a member of the sport and know what it takes to ride. thanks. dave
  12. white heat

    how do u like your xr400 ?

    not a trail bike ? wow ! never heard that before
  13. white heat

    how do u like your xr400 ?

    it's all about what you like and what you can do with the bike. i've had my 96' xr400 fo 8 yrs now and it i still rock out with it !! before this bike, i had an 83' xr 500. it had a ton of power, but lacked decent suspension or handling, but yes fun and i loved to ride it. wish i never sold it for $750...oh well. so back to the xr400. i've made some mods like a pumper carb, summers' guards for the shifter/brake, and acerbis barkbusters, but other than that, proper maintenance keeps the bike running awesome and very reliable. i always hear about many re-valving their suspension yadda yadda, but to be perfectly honest, my bike rides like a cadillac through these east coast woods and rock gardens. if you want to go slow, it'll chug along. if you want to go fast, it can definately move out of its' own way. lately i've been riding with three friends who ride ktm 250 exc's and one 300exc. now granted skill levels are not all the same, but the guy with the 300 exc rides hard and fast on his perfectly tuned suspension, but still makes it fun for me to push him and stay on his arse ! the two strokers always make fun saying that they can always hear me comin', going, and passing !! so in short, i like my bike.
  14. white heat

    Throttle Return/Pull Adjustment

    sounds like one of the cables is bound up or kinked. does the carb throttle arm snap back on it's own ?
  15. white heat

    Honda XR RFVC head= True HEMI

    on a serious note. does anyone know why the 400 doesn't have "RFVC" cast onto it's head since the engine is just like my old 83' 500 with the RFVC ? i never should've sold that 500.