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  1. Jackington

    race gas???

    ive heard some goods and bads about race gas im on a crf250 and ive jetted it and did a full system and i want some more raw power because they water the shit outa our track... does it really clap out a motor in a short time?
  2. ok ive done some more to my crf i wanted some more low end and i got a white bros sytem wit the supercross header bend then im picking up a low boy bend so i can have for some tracks im gettin graphics made and stuff like that... but ive done some more since the last time ive posted tell me what u think..
  3. Jackington

    Gold Wing Air Bag Crash Test Video

    looks it would snap both ur arms but i guess thats better than to be dead
  4. Jackington

    not trying to brag..... :)

    ya my 50 is goin sm becuase i ware out back tires ina bout 3 days so im gonna go sm with it... hella fun tho
  5. Jackington

    not trying to brag..... :)

    im in 125 beg but ive only been riding for a month so its a good class for me... im quit tho for only a month of ridin a big bike
  6. Jackington

    What a XR650R should look like...

    i wokr at cycle gear and honda i think honda is going to make an sm 450 ill keep u guys posted on what i hear... that first xr is clean i like it... ive thpt pf makin a sm outa my 250 but im jus gonna do one wit my 50 lol
  7. Jackington

    not trying to brag..... :)

    o and thas my giant poodle peekin threw the window... lol
  8. what up im not tring to brag or anything im just stoked over how i did in round 2 trans cal... first moto i had a bad start and made my way threw the pack then finished 11th... then secound moto i had a pretty good start but then after the first lap there was a red flag, i was pissed but my buddy chris was tellin me to calm down so i got up to the line... poped her in secound and wen the gate droped i let her rip and i got the hole shot then i led the pak of riders for bout 3 laps... but comin into the 4th turn i was in a deep rut and it poped my bike into nutral and i got passed... i tryed to cach him but i was 2 tired but over the finish line i tryed a nac nac and i hit my other leg on acident doin some wiered superman i almost made a complete ass outa my self... heres my bikes and my trophy i finished secound overal not to bad for my secound race
  9. Jackington

    Video of WFO731 Racing with friend

    nice battle... sik trak jus kinda tiny but still sik... how come they run in 125 class there yarden every one
  10. hahaha thas not him.... omg lets see some more pics of that honda that u claim is u or maybe u in that gear
  11. Jackington

    The Best Video You Will Watch.

    lmfao i hope all u guys on here arnt as big as dip shits as that bunch... hate to brake it to u bro but my kid was hitin jumps that big on his 65.... and him sux balls i hate emo music
  12. Jackington

    AWESOME : Yamaha TT-R 125 Video

    i cant tell r they on sm tires or what... but that is sik as ***
  13. Jackington

    *GRAPHIC* don't blame me!

    ***in jungle bunny...
  14. hahahaha umm shes hot ur skinny lil *** dude i think we all would have 6 paks if we starved our selves o and nice canons dude ur ripped lmfao
  15. Jackington

    my bike..

    i fell trail riding for the first time hit some bolders lol 5th gear pinned and i rolled all over the place