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  1. Beljum

    KX250 or KDX200

    These guys are correct about the KDX. No doubt your best choice. I rode a friends KDX200 last summer and was real impressed. I was seriously considering buying another cr250 Honda because my DR650 is just not doing it for me in the dirt. After riding the 200 and watching the used market, I'm leaning the kdx way. You should probably spend a good year riding with experienced riders before you race. I'm an old retired racer that only cowtrails nowadays. When you do decide to race, consider a harescrambles. There is a HUGE cross section of riders on the course...beginners to national level riders they are a blast..but it is the hardest thing physically you'll ever do.
  2. Beljum

    Introduction, a Question, and Hopefully a New DR

    Congrats!! Like the other guys, I wouldn't worry about the miles or scratches. I bought mine used and it was a garage queen. I put more marks on it trailering it home than the previous owner did in 1000 miles. I would try to leverage a lower price though, or maybe try to get a skid plate (with the engine guards like the Dual Star) and bark busters (the MSR's are nice with hand gaurds). DR's look the best "used".
  3. Beljum

    4000 Mile Update

    Most of what you read about the jet kits, pipes and airbox mods are all passed along misinformation. It is fun to tinker with your toys, but for me, its gotta have a payback. Only recently, I saw dyno results in a different thread and the bottom line was that the DR's needle could be raised a bit proving that the folks in this thread are correct. This was supported by a friend who did an exhaust reading after install of the usual main jet and associated mods and the reading showed it to be way too rich. The DR is still limited to the camshaft and timing specs. I wouldn't worry about it....and I didn't...over 16,000miles (I bought it used, two years ago with 1000 miles on it) and my stock '01 runs like new. The DR runs great on the highway with a 16T, but around town the 15T is nice. I do a lot of short trip highway riding and ended up just leaving the stock 15T on. General DR notes: Check the front heat shield screws often. When you loose one or two, you can buy stainless steel replacements from McMaster Carr that are much better quality. Use loctite. Check seat bolts often. Check all bolts, but these were troublesome for me. The DR is a blast on the street with street tires and the mileage increases 2-3 mpg (I'm getting 60-62 mpg). I have a separate set of wheels with full knobs for the dirt. Stiffer front springs are nice highly recommended. Grip heaters really extend the cold weather riding. I stuck a LED voltage indicator and a headlight switch on mine mainly for dirt riding. It blows to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery. I always carry a homemade set of jumpers. AGM style battery when you need a new one (Westco).
  4. 2001 no base gasket leak 16,000+ miles bone stock Castrol GTX 10-30W every 3000 miles Runs like new 60 mpg with street tires. 20 mpg off road
  5. Beljum

    How stupid am I?- dual star heat grips

    OK...25F this morning....25 miles total....20 miles at 70 MPH....grip heaters....Polartex gloves.....hands were good!!! For you guys having trouble with the throttle grip...I used some spray brake cleaner that I had laying around (CRC, its in a big green can) to cut the glue. Dont get any on your tank though!
  6. Beljum

    What's wrong with stock?

    I wonder too...where is the proof? I will find out with mine because I'll more than likely leave it stock (10,000 miles and counting!). My plug readings look absolutely perfect. Eventually I will look at my friends modded 650 and take a gander at his plugs. I can make a strong argument that running too rich will crap an engine faster by contaminating the oil... I dont know if the modded engines are too rich, or if so, by what degree. I wondered if the modded engines have a higher rate of base gasket failures too; I base this ( base...get it? ) on only one data point (mine because the gasket is still OK). It'd be nice to have the exhaust tested for mixture..has anyone done this?
  7. Beljum

    What's wrong with stock?

    Yeah....I still say there is not much that can be done about this (reasonably anyway). I've straight line drag raced against a fully modded DR, roll-on to eliminate skill, and we were soooo close. I was behind consistantly less than half a wheel. My bike is bone stock except for, at the time, a 14t which my buddy had too. I think a lot of the perceived HP gain is because of the time, $, and noise. Listening to some folks talk, you'd think that the DR is transformed into a CR500 killer with the "mods". The 14t sprocket probably does more for acceleration than all the mods times two. I still havent seen a dyno chart yet..stock vs. mods. I was thinking "lack of ground clearance" like in ruts and logs clearance. But then I saw your vids .
  8. Beljum

    Center stand advice needed

    That stand looks the same as the one I bought from Chaparral for $50 ( Ocelot Pro Lift Stand II ). Maybe its different, but the one I have is kind of a pain to use. I'm sure it works well with high ground clearance, feather weight MX bikes, but with my porky DR its rough. Its easier for me to lift the DR up on a milk crate than use the stand. I'm in the middle of cutting it up and modifying it in the hopes of an easier lift. If its the same stand, whats your technique for use?
  9. Beljum

    ebay Buzz Lightyear rack

    That is great----- I'm selling my Corbin stock!! The wheelies had to be a blast!
  10. Beljum

    ebay Buzz Lightyear rack

    Yeah..I had some satin black spray paint laying around that seemed to match pretty good. I used an oxy/acetylene torch to weld it up after cutting one section out (on each side).
  11. Beljum

    stuff falling off!!!!

    Mine too..I lost two. All new DR owners, with the stock pipe, should keep a wrench on the exhaust shield bolts for awhile. Eventually they stay tight. 05DR650, You said that four things fell off your 650, what were the other three things?
  12. Beljum

    I broke a bolt!!

    Yes You can use a propane torch to loosen the Loctite too...just dont go crazy with it....keep the flame back a ways. When you reinstall...per the manual...tighten the top two (of four) bolts first and then the lower two bolts. I think there is an arrow pointing to the top two bolts for a reminder. Torque for all four bolts is 7 lb-ft. (While I'm at it....the axle torque is 47 lb-ft.)
  13. Beljum

    Running Problems

    Hmmmm...sounds like fuel/air to me too. Dirty air filter? Plugged up pipe? Loose/broke vacuum line? Vacuum leak? Dirt in mainjet? Plugged fuel filter? Gastank vent?
  14. Beljum

    Switching fuel valve from ON to RES while driving?

    Yeah....what they said. I've been trying to remember to flip to reserve when I reach 130 miles and start planning a stop to fuel (stock tank). If I let it go, I usually hit reserve around 140 miles. I'm always a feared that it'll crap out at the worst possible time (my luck!!).