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  1. Yamaha

    forgot to add k&n filter with lid off.
  2. Yamaha

    05 yfz yoshi comp full exhaust, moose jet kit. I cannot get the jetting right! I ride at 17 ft above sea level. put the clip on slot 5 and main jet is 144. slow throttle response and bog out above half then it may kick in and take off. I took the spark arrester off and it ran better but it still is not right. can anyone who has this set up let me know what you have done???? HELP!
  3. Yamaha

    I have a 05 and have this problem now! took it to 2 dealerships before they could tell me what it possibly could be... still under warranty but cost me $50.00 for the resistor kit! will let you know how it works out.