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  1. GODRZ

    Crushed Ignition Switch

    Thanks for those tips. A new one from suzuki online is around 70$. I want to make damn sure I can have a locksmith mod it to use my original key and it looks like they aren't made to be taken apart without damaging the housing.
  2. GODRZ

    Crushed Ignition Switch

    Any good tips on replacing the ignition switch on a 01 drz 400s? Mines unusable cause the bike catapulted off my trailer and got dragged a few feet when one of the tiedowns broke. Got everything that got damaged replaced and am now down to the ignition switch. Its really unusable because the top and bottom broke off. I need a new one but want to keep using the original key cause of the other things it unlocks. I'd like to get a used one and swap the cylinder from my original if thats possible. Or, since I'm the original owner, I have the little black tag that came on the keychain, numbers: CA123..... Is it possible to have one sent out that uses my original key?
  3. GODRZ

    Speedo cluster different from S to SM?

    Same thing here. Replacing a busted speedo from 2001 drz400s. Got one off ebay from 2006. Old one has 2 connectors - 4wire and 2wire (square and oval). New one has 2 connectors - 3wire and 2wire (triangle and oval) The difference is an extra grey wire from the old. Should I leave that out when splicing in the new speedo or jumper it to the orange? thanks