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  1. hi My local suzuki dealer has 2011 RMX450 leftover and is giving me a good price on it. does this bike needs some mods to uncork it, like a WR450?
  2. My first bike was an '87 TT225; and I still have it in my garage!! I take her to ride every now and then on some light trails near my place . She is almost in original shape, except for the faded graphics and missing handgards. My current bike is '09 WR450.
  3. Hi Does anybody knows where I can buy a full akrapovic for my '09 WR450 in United States? Regards
  4. Hi I want to improve bottom-end as well as reduce noise and I was told that a FMF Q4 with a Megabomb header to my 09 WR450 will do that. Do you know if this header will block acces to oil filter?
  5. I will contact SMS! An ISDE rider surely knows about bikes! Thanks!
  6. thanks! What I want is to buy a new bike and import it to Mexico. I will look into this list. Thanks again!
  7. Hi Somebpdy knows if there is a GasGas dealer near Laredo Texas?
  8. Hi, I change oil and filter every three rides. Better safe than sorry, oil and filters are inexpensive and a good way to keep engine happy.
  9. My 2002 GasGas EC250 is the best bike I have ever owned. I still miss that bike; great power, light, nice handling and very reliable. Maybe, some day, I will have a GasGas again.
  10. Hi, I ride a '09 WR 450 and also noticed this issue about muffler getting really hot. My bike is stock and I have not done any mode to it. Do you guys think that muffler can get cooler if I uncorck it?
  11. I have a pair of Acerbis Scuba gloves; this gloves have palm section made of leather and upper side is made of neoprene. I use them alot since in my riding area, it rains almost from mid july to early october. You can find them in many sizes and colors.
  12. This is my daily car: Peugeot 207, very fuel efficient; next to it, is my baby's car.
  13. I owned an '02 EC250. Ride it and raced it for 4 years in stock form and only had to give normal maintainance. Power delivery is very soft and tractable, lots of bottom. If you can get one in good shape, go for it.
  14. I have 2 four strokes: '87 Yamaha TT 225 (my first enduro bike and will keep it for ever) '06 Husaberg FE 450
  15. If you can, please post pictures of both bike and rides!!! Your rides seem like lots of fun!!!