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  1. hoskins

    problem keeping my bike running

    i did notice when i was kick starting the crap out of it i noticed a little gas dripping out of the overfill tubes out the bottom of my bike. ill try to clean my carb out and see if it does the trick. thank for the help.
  2. hoskins

    problem keeping my bike running

    i really havent tried to fix the problem other than putting new gas in it and changing the spark plug. i dont really dont know if the idle is set correctly, but is there an easy way of fixing or checking that. thanks for the help.
  3. Hi guys, i own a 2003 yz250f, its all stock and its really hardly been ridden. My problem is that i cant keep it running. It has sit all winter and summer. i put new gas in it and i can get it to fire right up, but after i let it run for a few minutes i push the choke in and it dies almost instantly. im not sure what could be the problem or how to fix it. thanks for your help.