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  1. California

    i almost had my head removed in the same fashion so i haven't been back to gorman since (even though some of that single track up into los padres is some of my favorite stuff out here).
  2. so the 'one size fits most' is true, even with youth?
  3. supervokes, the wire hanger worked like a charm I was able to get all of the old packing out and get the new one in through the back without taking the front of the muffler apart. Everything is drilled, siliconed and riveted and the bike runs great. Thanks again for the help.
  4. I have a 80/100-21 front and 110/90-19 rear on an 07 CRF450r. The catalog has all of these listed for 21 and 19 inch wheels but I still have no idea which ones to use... 2.75/3.00-21 3.25/3.50-21 2.75/3.00-19 3.25/3.50-19 3.50/4.00-19 3.25/3.50-19 Choosing indiscriminately would bother me given the variance in sizing. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  5. thanks guys! i have a one-piece replacement pack (http://www.bustersdirtshop.com/product.php?productid=7172&cat=134&page=1) so install should be okay from the back of the muffler. i've got the wire hanger ready to go, so if that doesn't work i'll be ready to drill out the rivets on the front of the muffler. i'll let you know how it goes. thanks again for the help!
  6. i'm going through the process right now (07 CRF450R) and i'm having trouble getting the stock packing out. i'd rather not drill out all the rivets at the front of the muffler but the packing just keeps ripping as i try to pull it out the back. i used a long screwdriver to sweep the sides of the muffler to loosen the packing but it's still being a pain. i already have a replacement pack and spark arrestor ready to go. the spark arrestor doesn't look like it's pre-drilled either so this is turning out to be a little more involved than i thought it would be.
  7. Thank you so much for this link! I ordered a manual for my 07 CRF450R a little over a week ago and it has already arrived. It was about $16 plus tax and shipping, so it ended up being about $23. It's the actual factory manual and I couldn't be happier. Thanks again.
  8. I'm ordering that Moose pillow packing today. Thanks!
  9. crf119... stud boy! Beautiful supermoto DarrinG! here's mine:
  10. keep an eye out for the marchesinis on CL. there's a guy selling them in OC. i'm washing the bike and taking pics tonight. i know you all can't wait
  11. i just started riding a mtb up at bear mtn and you feel so naked after riding a 450. i'm still slow but it's great conditioning for all kinds of riding. and the bike/gear is a lot cheaper.
  12. Just to follow up... I got through on the phone and they're up and running. I went out and rode Wednesday and everything is cool. Now I just need someone to follow around to get faster.
  13. It is Tuesday so I don't know what's going on