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  1. 94_100R

    xr100 idle problem

    ya ive adjusted that a lot. this is probably a dumb question but the piston rings are pretty shot... do you think thats prabably why?
  2. 94_100R

    xr100 idle problem

    sorry my spelling bothers you. i cleaned the sparkplug and the carburator out it runs a lot better now but still dosnt idle very good.
  3. 94_100R

    xr100 idle problem

    i have two questions for my 94 xr 100. first of all it has a problem only when idling on run. when i adjust it has to be reving at high rpms to actually idle. could this be because of a bad sparkplug or carborator needing cleaning. and my secong question is when i try to go up steep hills it floods out but my other buddies bikes keep on going... could this also be because of the carborator? thanks
  4. Ive got an xr 100 with an engine that locked up while riding. after a while it started running agian but you can here the engine ticking. it also burnes oil up within about 15-20 minutes of riding. is there a cheap way to fix it or do i need a new motor? thanks