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  1. Rollnround

    Can I make a yz125 street legal?

    More HP always means better, shit, just get that big zx14, put some boost to it too
  2. Rollnround

    Can I make a yz125 street legal?

    Get a sport bike, they are fun. Get a 1000, don't even play with a 600
  3. Rollnround

    End of season ride in Mio October 12

    Ok... Guess I'm not a fan of tornado alley by headlight... It was an eye opener for riding the MCCCT in consecutive days
  4. Rollnround

    Most Painful DR650 Spill Yet

    Thought about an xt225?
  5. Rollnround

    My First Real Wipeout..

    Should probably strap your helmet next time...
  6. Rollnround

    Your opinion please!

    If you build and engine as good as you set up a camera mount you are in trouble...
  7. Rollnround

    End of season ride in Mio October 12

    It's started out fun yes. Losing the trail in a swamp because of reroutes, not fun.
  8. Rollnround

    Recent MI ORV Legislation

    Thanks for the info
  9. Rollnround

    End of season ride in Mio October 12

    The meadows is destroyed. Stay away! Had to go around a tree about every 50 yards or less. And I'm talking several dozen times.
  10. Rollnround

    Single track is DEAD!

    I was riding a trail system here in Michigan called "Meadows" and it seemed as other took a bulldozer down the ATV trail to widen it for like side by sides. It sucked. Luckily they still have a real single track trail that runs along with the other trail that is now a dirt road.
  11. Rollnround

    Stolen bikes again

    How about your location or done pics, whatever your comfortable with. I'm always on Metro Detroit Craigslist
  12. Rollnround

    Stolen bikes again

    Time to think about an alarm there bud. Shouldn't have to live like that but it's the unfortunate nature of today's society.
  13. Rollnround

    What shop you use

    Who takes their bike to a shop!? Either way, I'm over in Fraser and there's KRG performance on 14 at mound I think. They do suspension work along with other stuff. I've never had anything done there though. Parts I stick to online unless I need it quick. Magic Racing on van dyke in shelby township has been pretty good. They are also a ktm dealer if your into that.
  14. Rollnround

    Model of this Bike?

    Looks like a Honda, maybe CXR150L (L for "lights")
  15. Rollnround

    The mounds. Worth a trip?

    Kinda what I've always heard as well. Heard weekdays during school aren't bad. Prolly just stick to some single track. Thanks