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  1. bxrjim

    Here It Is!

    It took me a min. to find my way here too. Thanks for the post in the General section Hopper, it helped me find my way.
  2. bxrjim

    Tahuya trail connection?

    ***?! Was that guy hiding in the leaves?
  3. bxrjim

    Who's riddin where Fri.-Sat.?

    Sounds good! See you then! Jim
  4. bxrjim

    Who's riddin where Fri.-Sat.?

    I'll ride with you. I'm down for a trail ride Sat. Jim
  5. bxrjim

    Shelton Valley Enduro

    Read this statement and was in disbelief so I looked it up. Give this a read. Good advice OldGrunt. http://www.livestrong.com/article/262926-how-to-use-mustard-for-leg-cramps/ Jim
  6. bxrjim

    Belfair video

    That was hands down the best ride video I have ever seen!! Awsome job! Thanks for shareing it with us! Jim
  7. bxrjim

    Where you wish you were right now

    I have to 2nd this one!! Jim
  8. bxrjim

    Online Survey, Tahuya & Green Mountain State Forest

    Done. As for trail width- I put satisfied. They won't narrow the trails for us and I DON'T want them wider! We use double track trails for connectors only and we don't want them to bring that damn tractor thing in like they used on the Blue Lake Trail! As for environmental damage- I put satisfied. Obviously I'm not blind to the damage but really? They want US to admit to environmental damage? Like we did at Reiter? Let the board walk a couple trails leading in and out from the staging area that every bike and quad uses? Why encourage them? Bridges are built for the creeks. Any silty run off from the standing water that makes it's way to the creeks should be controlled but step 10' off most trails and you wouldn't even know there was a trail there. The DNR and even the Sheriffs show up in there shiny trucks and new DS bikes in the back cruising the staging areas looking to write tickets.............Ok.......you know the rest. I feel a long rant coming on and I can't type fast enough!! Man I hope this works out in our favor this time......for once.
  9. bxrjim

    ORV Stickers - which ones to stick?

    I do believe the law does state front and rear or each side. I put mine on each side of the head tube vertical and the tabs on the flat of the frame not on the welds on one side. That's worked best for me because plastic breaks and those stickers don't peel to transfer to new plastic. As for putting them on the fork tubes- to be out of the roost and protect them from brush and good crashes you would have to mount them behind the number plate but when you service your suspension they would get damaged when you remove your forks. Like I said it's just what has worked for me.
  10. bxrjim

    Passing traffic, splitting lanes on your MC

    It must be awful to witness such deviant behavior. I'm sure you come to a complete stop every time at every stop sign, and use your signal always. You are the exception by far I to am the exception, I don't go to the front of a line of cars on my bicycle, I don't run stop signs when there is traffic but I run every stop sign and red light safely at 5 o'clock in the morning when there's no traffic on my way to work during my 18mi ride. I ride the back roads with light traffic and decent shoulders. In the afternoon I follow all the laws that don't put me in harms way as I ride home in traffic in the afternoon hours. Acording to my Father and many older men that I know that ride the street and dirt with say that the deralics of the road to people in thier cars in the 50's 60's and most of the 70's were motorcycles. I see dual sport riders come off the lines at stop lights and stop signs pulling wheelies and sliding thier bikes sideways turning corners too but thats not all of them but I'm sure the motorists lump them up into one group too. But I digress.... Splitting lanes is a little spooky sounding to do but in some instances it would be nice to keep moving through stopped traffic.
  11. bxrjim

    Blackbear Enduro at Tahuya June 21

    Good One Yogi!! You had me laughing pretty good! Sorry about the toe, most of us know how that is. If only you could quit banging it on everything you walk by or are standing around!! I missed the Webfoot because of illness and I hope to make the Blackbear but I don't get into SeaTac till late Sat night from North Carolina! I"ll have my bike ready and see how it goes!
  12. bxrjim

    Shelton Valley Enduro Flyer??

    I recieved my flyer last week I think it was. It had the beginner enduro on Sat., the NMA points race on Sun. and I think it even had the Poker run flyer in there too.
  13. bxrjim

    Husband not sure about Leatt brace for son

    Keep the brace! He's 14, he surley takes risks at this age so what is wrong with added protection? I don't know the size of your son or his riding ability or what kind of riding you folks even do- but a 250 XCF? Thats a lot of bike! Glad to see your able to afford the finer things for your son and spending a few extra $ on protective gear is a good investment in his future!
  14. bxrjim

    how replace break pads?

    I've been trying different tricks to change out my front pads on my 200 xcw twice now. I've been changing out disc pads since bikes started with disc brakes and the pistons will not retract! The two pistons move indipendantly so they're not siezed. I took the master cylinder cap off, pushed the caliper body towards the disc, put screw drivers in between the pads and pryed, I even went so far as to slide a tire iron in the caliper and compress them with a C-clamp!! NO DICE!! I have ran out of ideas. Anyone?