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  1. teddybear

    I don't buy it

    Apparently your qualifications for criticising other forum members are supreme. You can out-ride, out-think, and definitely out-talk the rest of us. One wonders why you have even bothered to be here. I for one would not miss you.
  2. teddybear

    Tail Light Assembly

    Jesse Kientz has them and lots of other neat stuff for DR 650. He is extremely knowledgable and helpful when it comes to anything to do with DRs
  3. teddybear

    After Market Seat?

    I replaced the stock seat on an 05 DR 650 with a Corbin several months ago. I sat on the bike with the stock seat, and after replacing it with the Corbin, I sat on it again. My butt estimate (get it) was that the Corbin was about 1" higher. Corbins are known to wear in, so ultimately it may settle a little bit. The Corbin is the most expensive and best change I've made to the bike.
  4. teddybear

    Exhaust to increase power but not noise

    I checked the Yoshimura site but could not find any DR650 pipes listed. Anyone here have info on Yoshimura pipe they use? Thanks
  5. teddybear

    '05' DR650SE engine stalling-service techs baffled

    The fuel tank vent is connected to an "evaporative emission control canister". I have read elsewhere that if you fill the gas tank past the bottom of the filler neck, gasoline (liquid) will flow into the canister and cause problems. I don't know if Suzuki does service bulletins, but if they do, the dealer might be able to find one on this. The owners manual cautions about not filling the tank above the bottom of the filler neck. Good Luck.