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    coolant in engine oil

    what up people, Had the bike on a mile stretch of gravel road,but did not wind it out fully.Slowed and came to a stop and the bike idled lower than normal and shut off. Looked back and light blue smoke everywhere. Pulled the oil cap off the engine side and coolant flowed out. Did not try to start the engine.Removed the case covers and everything looked fine except for the waterpump shaft, it had a grove around it looks from the seal.Took the topend off end everything looks fine,thought it may be the head gasket but it looked o.k. could it be the waterpump seal. Just ordered new parts including the 06 impeller with the hole in it. buy the way it's a 03. Please help with any suggestions. Thanks
  2. Just wondering if BI-Tech still makes and sells a MCCT for the DRZ
  3. lsuddreth

    2003 crf450r

    whats ups everyone,I'm thinking of picking up a 03 450R for woods riding.I just sold me 00 DRZ400 and want to stepup to the bigboys CRF.I have a line on a 03 450R, Is there any known problems with the 03 to fix or upgrade to make the bike more depenable?
  4. lsuddreth


    Anyone ! Please help, will a mcct for a hayabusa work on a DRZ400E ? A friend told me it would. I seen a post that BITECH quit making them.