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  1. that is bloody massive
  2. nice video.thanks for posting it that kid is hell fast. is that the same kid from mini warriors???
  3. yeah ive got a few mates that have 250f and im going to have a ride of all there bikes and see what i like but its just more the mechanical side of things casue im just a little nervous of blowing it up but i surpose its not like im a pro racers that going to be racing every weekend and practising every day. So what ever i get ill just make sure i keep an eye on things and change oils and do all that stuff and hopefully nothing goes wrong. thanks for all your replys
  4. alright then thanks for all your help every1 i really really appreciated it any1 else have anythink to say about the bikes??? thanks once again every1
  5. ok im new on here but have spent the last 3 days looking around but cant really find what im looking for so please dont bite my head of if there is already this type of thread. im looking on getting a 250f very soon but was un-sure of which bike with the valve problems and stuff and like every1 else i dont want to buy a new bike that is going to have problems so i was wondering what would be the best bike. It will either be a 2003,2004 or 2005 modle. I have seen a few 2004 crf 250's that i like but im un-sure if there a good bike and i already know the yzf's have probaly the best reputation becasue there've been getting built the longest and have the most exsperience with the 250f's. When i get a 250f i will try and keep everythink in the best condition with running good fuel and oil,regular oil changes,regular air filter changes ect. Do you think that would be ok if i rode a 04 crf keeping that type of maintance?? And also do you think thats a good choice of bike? When i get a new bike it will either be a crf,rmz or yzf any help would be very appreiated thanks alot every1