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  1. JML

    Yamaha 2008 Raptor 250

    My Local Dealers Dont Have Any In Stock. I Am Also Considering A Trx300, My Wife Currently Has One. I Am 5'11 And Weigh 200 Pounds. I Have Read Only Good Reviews About The Raptor But Was Wondering If I Am Too Big For This Model. I Will Only Be Trail Riding With Wife And Daughter. A Injury Forces Me From My Yz250. Also How Reliable Will This Motor Be. Thanks.
  2. My son wants to race my wifes atv and a tether/kill switch is required. Any feedback on which brand or type i should get. Also which type is required for this atv, open circuit or closed. I recently looked at the Gunnar brand and was confused on which one i need. Thanks
  3. JML

    2007 Trx300 Versus 2006 Trx300

    thanks, they have both at Southern honda in Chatt. Tenn. Prices are way better there than in Fl. Thanks
  4. We are considering purchasing one of these models. Can anyone give any advice good or bad on these. It will be ridden by the wife, also from a maintenance standpoint are they pretty durable. (Any common problems or recalls). thanks
  5. JML

    06 yz125 stopper arm

    Does this need to be replaced on the 2006 yz250's also? Also where can i order the 2007 part for my sons 2005 yz125. Thanks.
  6. I need to replace the front tires on my sons yz125 and my yz250. We live in Florida and recently began racing hare scrambles. We currently are running the stock 739 on the front and 756 on the rear. Which of these tires would be best for our sandy riding and racing conditions. Thanks
  7. Looking to get oversize tanks for our bikes, we recently began racing in hare scrambles. Which brand fits and is the best quality for Yamahas. I have looked at Clarke,Ims and Acerbis. Thanks
  8. JML

    Wiseco Pistons Vs. Oem

    Thanks to everyone who replied to my question, i feel better now about using the wiseco's. I will probaby go back to oem the next time I rebuild the top ends. Thanks again.
  9. I recently did the top ends on my sons 2005 yz125 and my yz250. I replaced both with Wiseco pistons. Several older veteran riders we ride with say I should have used oem pistons. We mostly trail ride and my son does race some hair scrambles. Which piston is better from everybodys past experiences? Thanks
  10. JML

    06 YZ 250 jetting for hot Florida ?

    What pre mix ratio are you all running for Croom/Trail riding. Even with the plug fouling problems we have had i keep mixing 32:1 but alot of people i talk to at Croom mix 40:1. We have been using yamalube 2r, and for air filter oil BelRey. When starting your bikes for the first time, how long do you leave your choke on? As i stated previously we only foul after the bike has sit for 1-2 hours or overnight and both bikes foul the same way. Thanks
  11. JML

    06 YZ 250 jetting for hot Florida ?

    Like you i have a 2006 yz250 and my son a 2005 yz125. we have been going thru plugs the past 6 months or so. When we foul its usually after the bike has sit for a few hours or overnight. The past two weeks i have been playing with the jetting. We rode yesterday at croom, i dropped both pilots and went with a br7es for the 250 and br8eg for the 125. When we got home both bikes started without fouling so i hope i have it figured out now. I am using yamalube 2r mixing 32:1 for both bikes. Its been a frustrating process, both bikes ran so good with the stock jetting. I also raised the clip one on each bike.
  12. JML

    spark plug problem

    My son and i rode yesterday, I put a br8eg in the bike did not foul any, but the plug still was black. I then dropped the main from 410 to 400 and the pilot from 40 to 37.5. The bike had some sputtering and i then raised the clip up one on the needle. The plug looks really good now but the bike has a little bit of sputtering in the low end. I tried adjusting the pilot air screw but did not notice any changes with the sputtering when i did this. Should i drop the pilot down further to a 35? Thanks for any help or comments
  13. JML

    spark plug problem

    My sons 2005 yz125 and my 2006 yz250 have been doing the same thing fouling when starting after sitting overnight. I have tried changing the needle, pilot jets and main jets on both bikes however they run so bad when i have tried this. Both bikes run very well with the factory jetting. My next step will be 40:1 pre mix or going to a br8eg for the 125 and a br7es for the 250. If anybody has any other suggestions i would greatly appreciate it. We pretty much just trail ride. I have talked to several mechanics and dads at races and they seem to all be mixing 16 ounces per 5 gallons of gas. Thanks
  14. JML

    ATF Report...

    What particular brand of ATF type F is everybody running. i have been using BELREY 80W but am getting tired of the price of it. Thanks
  15. Both my bike and my sons have been fouling plugs recently. We are only trail riding but are riding both bikes hard enough. the bikes run good all day when we ride, but after sitting in the garage until our next ride they will foul when we start them. We are choking both bikes, they both run 10-15 seconds with the choke on before they foul. I am using yamalube 2r and I am mixing it 32:1 for both bikes. I previously raised the clip up one notch on both needles, It seemed to help some but recently we started fouling plugs again. We are using br9es for the 125 and br8es for the 250. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Also both bikes were bought new in October and November. 2005 yz125 and 2006 yz250.