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  1. Here it is. I replaced the crankshaft, piston, cylinder head, all new Kibblewhite SS valves and spring kit, new crank bearings and seals, new tensioner, cam chain, cam sprocket, and cam. All parts are OEM Honda except for the valve kit. Valve clearance is exactly .006 intake and .011 exhaust along with the decompressor clearance at .025. Cleaned all internal jetting especially the pilot/slow jet. Fuel screw set at 1 1/2 turns out. I can kick it 20 kick's or more and maybe get a possible start. Take it outside and push it 10 feet and it starts right up. I understand that bump starting it creates more vacuum and that's why it turns over easier. The engine sometimes backfires out the exhaust and back out the carb, but keep in mind the clearances are perfect. Please help as I am pulling my hair out of my head and only have a few strands left. Also, I am getting great spark and air filter is clean!