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  1. XRsteve

    Premix ratio and splooge creation

    I've never seen a used spark plug that clean looking as in the picture posted. And I've literally changed hundreds of spark plugs. It looks like it was run for about 1 minute. Are you sure you're ratio is 16:1? That just doesn't seem possible. I've always 60:1 in my bike, and ride pretty aggressively, and still never pulled a plug that clean. I think you should double check your measuring and I'll bet you'll find your calculations are off and you're running closer to 50:1.
  2. XRsteve

    Possible 2009 CRF Flame Out Stall - Mid Air

    It sounded like the engine was still running until it hit the dirt. I think that was just rider error. He may be a great rider, but everybody makes mistakes sometime.
  3. XRsteve

    Honda XR Questions

    I would suggest a XR650L. It's already street legal. It's not as powerful as you might think, but has plenty of torque.
  4. XRsteve

    Handguards for XR650L

    I use Cycras with triple clamp mounts on my L. I had to do a lot of adjustment to the guards to make them fit with my CR-high renthals. You have to get longer bolts to make them work. The brackets are pretty thick. I use them to clear up space on my bars for other things.
  5. XRsteve

    Thanks to you XR guys!!

    I personally like ADVrider. TT is more of a technical, bike specific forum, so it's great if you're looking for information about your bike. ADVrider is more about going places, no matter what you ride. Yeah, there's a lot of euro-bike snobs on there, but that doesn't bother me. I like the great ride reports, like snowrider's "just another Alaska ride". Those make for some good reading.
  6. XRsteve

    Kickstarter on a 650L ?

    Has anybody put a kickstarter on their 650L? I know there's a lot of interchangable parts on the 600/650L, but what parts are needed to add a kickstarter? It would be nice to have a little backup in case the battery goes dead. These pigs are near-impossible to bump start.
  7. XRsteve

    Looking for People to ride with in Portland Area

    I've been trying to talk rooster into buying the KLR600 that kenr74 has for sale. I'd buy it if I didn't already have a 650L. Rooster already has a dualsport, but I don't think his trail 90 is going to keep up with anybody. So lets talk him into getting a real dualsport.
  8. XRsteve

    Looking for People to ride with in Portland Area

    Hey, rooster wants to know what time you're going to be there and how late. He's going to to get beers.
  9. I was at the Hillsboro dmv the other day and asked about dual sporting my XR400. The guy I talked to said the laws were recently updated and now you have to have documents from the manufacturer that the bike is equipped for road use. I don't how that would work considering my bike says "not for use on public roads" on it. I bought a XR650L a few years ago just because I didn't want to hassle with the whole process.
  10. XRsteve

    Looking for People to ride with in Portland Area

    Dual sports are fun. I probably put more miles on my XR650L than any of my other bikes. It's kind of heavy off road, but it will go just about anywhere.
  11. XRsteve

    Looking for People to ride with in Portland Area

    Oh yeah, it's killing rooster that he cant reply to any of this....
  12. XRsteve

    Looking for People to ride with in Portland Area

    I found that video awhile back on the off-topic pic forum. I don't know if its been deleted there. I didnt think a music video on youtube would be objectionable. Yeah, rooster's working about 20 ft from me right now. It's amazing how much more work he gets done when he isn't online all day.
  13. XRsteve

    Looking for People to ride with in Portland Area

    Hey nw scout, it might be my monitor but your pic looks like you used photoshop. Did you? Cool pic, btw.
  14. XRsteve

    OT: Looking for a transmission shop around PDX

    Working flat rate encourages good work and efficiency. You only get paid to do the job once, so you make sure it's done right the first time and won't come back. Simple services are done quickly at a dealership, but by experienced technicians who know the product really well. And if any diagnosis is required, a dealership will most likely be able to do it faster. They have the right tools, parts and support to do jobs that other shops just can't do. Yes, it may cost more, but it's usually worth it. There are of course people or shops that don't do good work. You really have to find a good shop that you can trust.
  15. XRsteve

    Windshield for XRL?

    I use a slipstream spitfire. It looks ok and works pretty good. I still have a little wind on my helmet, but I'm 6'1".