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  1. ImpalaR1

    Whats so great about XR650's?

    easily, i got mine for $2800 and i think i spent to much. But i got it Street legal, so i'll prolly sell it for around $3300 or so, for my pain of getting it plated. The only reason i'm going to sell mine soon is because i am starting work again, so i need to buy a new truck and equipment and i'll get a streetbike again for awhile for the highway, but once i get my money back up i'll be getting one again.......
  2. ImpalaR1

    110 rear O.K. or too small?

    I've got a 110/100-18 and i love it, i think skinnier tire's are alot better for dirt, same with 4 wheeling in a truck, but it depends what terrain u ride.
  3. ImpalaR1

    XR 650R Crotch Rocket?

    Xr R = Dirt!!!
  4. ImpalaR1

    The Ultimate Licence Loser !

    The ultimate liscense loser phrase fits these bike's all to well, i got addicted to doing 3rd gear wheelie's the first day i got mine street legal, and haven't turned back yet, just getting better at doing them longer which is probably a bad thing oh well, its to much fun to stop! Bike looks great by the way, i almost put the money up for some 17" excel's, but had a sudden slap in the face and realized i can't spend money like that right now. But hey, 17" wheels don't stop me from doing wheelie's all day with a huge smile
  5. ImpalaR1

    FMF Powerbomb/Q2 for 650R pictures anyone?

    i have a Q muffler http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/garage.php?do=viewattachment&attachmentid=8526
  6. The way that make's it start first kick most the time for me is to pull the decompresser lever in and kick through slowy twice, then let the lever out and use the just after TDC kick and it starts almost every time that way. And if the kickstart gets stuck i just pull the lever again and try again.
  7. ImpalaR1

    i busted some teeth

    I just use the left over engine oil from an oil change to lube my chain Ok, that sounds about right because i use to have a 94 XR600R and that thing would slip like crazy on the countershaft and that was annoying as .
  8. im not sure what jetting i need to make at this point. The bike hits the rpm's clean through the whole range, but the plug looks alittle lean i'd say. I already have a 175 main, Sea Level - 3,000 ft, uncorked, fmf Q pipe....... So help would be great with what to do.
  9. ImpalaR1

    i busted some teeth

    So what sprocket won't wear the countershaft? Because i just ordered a 15 T steel sprocket and don't want any slippage on the counter....
  10. ^ It's an illusion man....lol... My bike's not babied and has plenty to show for it, but i keep it as clean as possible after the trails just because i'm use to detailing my streebike's i've had. Here's a more realistic pic of the plastic's. http://img148.imageshack.us/img148/8391/im0005556gh.jpg Haven't riddin enough yet where it's melted it, but i noticed after i rode it, the muffler cooled down almost immediatly to the touch, but the head pipe still was scortching, so that should help with the fender being so close.
  11. Well that should pretty much cover the 17" wheels. I'd get hit with a golf ball for some new wheels...lol
  12. Ok i bought my bike uncorked, it has a 175 main, all the uncork mod's. I just put a FMF Q muffler on it, i'm at sea level - 3000ft. Will this pipe make re-jetting neccessary? If so, what should i do first?
  13. Well i got it off ebay NEW, but it came with some scratches oh well, big deal it was a good price for a new pipe. I put it on today and it mounts really easy, but i had to trim a small little lip out of the rear fender so it wouldn't touch the muffler. Other than that it fit nice, and to me looks alot better than stock. I kicked it over a few time's and when it started i was impressed. The stock pipe with the HRC tip is alot louder to me than this Q pipe. It's still got a nice bark up top, but my stock pipe with the Hrc tip had a really sharp kinda raspyish note that was kinda annoying if your doing any city riding. The Q pipe deaden's those annoying note's and leave's a tuned one. But it didn't kill any power that i noticed, it make's it seem alot smoother to ride, BS i know...lol...but the smoother exhaust note is nice for the city. So overall i'm pretty satisfied with the pipe. Everything in the package http://img396.imageshack.us/img396/4742/im0005866hs.jpg Full Bike view http://img396.imageshack.us/img396/8436/im0005877nd.jpg Before and After http://img377.imageshack.us/img377/5922/im00058713xw.jpg Up close http://img160.imageshack.us/img160/8074/im0005896el.jpg
  14. i went to school in Santa barbara, CA. And i use to ride my sportbike there, and there's a golf club right on the road, and that same thing almost happend except my situation just scared the sh&* out of me. The Ball just landed right in front of me and bounced over my head!! Man that was suprising to say the least.... I would have made sure i crashed if it hit me so i got some MONEY from the golf club!!!!