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  1. Klx110rider24

    My new KLX110

    bought it sperate lol
  2. Klx110rider24

    110 shock

    i never heard of the tcs shock or the new fox shock. do u know any sites that show these shocks?
  3. Klx110rider24

    My new KLX110

    holy crap thats a awesome deal for 950.00. i bought at 06 klx 110 for 1900 brand new. i got a works shock, front springs, air filter, jets, and twobros pipe
  4. Klx110rider24

    110 shock

    i was wondering how come the works shock is alot cheaper then the ishock. i have enough money for the works shock im wondering if i should wait a lil bit longer and save up for the ishock. What is the difference between them?
  5. Klx110rider24

    My 06 KX250F is here!

    heres pic with me and my 06 250f
  6. Klx110rider24

    06s are in

    yeah i finally got my kx250F today . its the best bike ever ill post pictures of it
  7. Klx110rider24

    new KLX 110 restrictor?

    i think the twp bros pipe is the best for the the 110's, thats what i put on my 06 110
  8. Klx110rider24

    My 2006 KLX110

    Nice bike! i got a brand new klx 110 on july 24th (the weekand they came out) im only 15 but i got a two bros pipe on it (best pipe for 110's i Think) i dont have alot of money but when i get money i put it into this bike. when i get more parts i will post pics.