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  1. MxSkater86

    Erratic Idle '14 450

    I did finally figure out what the problem was. Apparently the throttle adjustment nut and set screw on the throttle body had been adjusted before. (I think my father adjusted it for whatever reason.) I adjusted it to match my other 450 and it runs much better now.
  2. MxSkater86

    Erratic Idle '14 450

    Ok, I will try that one and see how it works. Thanks for the input.
  3. MxSkater86

    Erratic Idle '14 450

    Do you happen to know what the tps angle is supposed to be? I'm getting 0-80 on both my 14 450s but the manual says it should be 11-14 closed and 109-116 open. I may look into swapping the injector as that is my first hunch. Just trying to eliminate the free stuff
  4. MxSkater86

    Erratic Idle '14 450

    So I have a '14 YZ 450 that has about 50 hours on it. The bike has a slight erratic idle such as going from 2500 RPM down to 1900 RPM's. When you hit the throttle it runs fine with no popping and when you let it come back down from the high revs it drops pretty low to around 1700-1800 (sometimes stalls out) and then jumps back up to the normal RPM's and then begins to fluctuate. There are no codes being thrown and I just checked the valves. I've also tried some different maps thinking that might be the cause but no difference. Just wondering if anyone else has had a problem like this or if anyone has an idea on where to start.
  5. They are called Free Pistons. You can get them from a few different vendors. MX-Tech has some metal ones, Factory Connections sells them I believe. Most suspension companies sell them so just call around. Make sure you drill them next time to keep that from happening. It takes a little bit of a different approach to put them back together but they wont break once they are drilled.
  6. MxSkater86

    Mellow out 15 450f

    If your looking to smooth the power out get a different exhaust (I got FMF) and get the GYTR tuner. These 2 things made a huge difference on my bike. The stock exhaust has a very small pipe size compared to some aftermarket exhausts which gives you more bottom end power
  7. MxSkater86

    Dang those Yamaha engineers

    You don't even need to remove the tank. When I am servicing the shock I unbolt the tank and rotate it 180 degrees so it is sitting on the rear fender. Pull the shock out the top and then set the tank back in place without having to remove any fuel lines.
  8. MxSkater86

    Returning to the sport and have questions

    Glad to see you get back into riding/racing. Slip-ons as well as full systems don't usually increase horsepower (if they do its not much). They mainly just move the power around to where you want it. Go ride the bike first and see if you want the power moved farther down in the rpm's or farther up in the rpm's. Then read up on test about where each pipe moves the power. No sense in spending money if the power on the bike is already set up good for you. Just my 2¢
  9. MxSkater86

    Help Identifying Cams

    Well I really like these cams alot over the stock 14s. I just wanted to know for reference if/when I decide to sell the bike.
  10. MxSkater86

    Help Identifying Cams

    I bought a 2014 YZ 450. The previous owner(local pro) said that his father put a set of cams in it but he didn't know what kind they were. So when we were tearing the bike down I snapped a shot of the cams to try and figure out what was in it. After a short search I couldn't really find anything relating to these cams. I didn't know if anyone else might know what they are or where to look.
  11. I did this same exact thing to my bike a few months ago. It was well worth the time to do it.
  12. MxSkater86

    Making a '14 and up YZ450 lighter?

    The best weight savings I every heard was to not put a full tank of gas in the bike...Only put in the amount your going to use during that trip/practice.
  13. MxSkater86

    Front brake disc guard. Leave or remove?

    Obviously you didn't read my entire post...I said the little plastic gaurd doesn't do much but collect dirt. The metal part is what matters
  14. MxSkater86

    Front brake disc guard. Leave or remove?

    So you don't use a front sprocket guard? Wait till a chain breaks on you down a fast straight and that chain comes whipping around and let me know how your cases look after that... Obviously if you want to take the plastic part off the chain guard that's fine because dirt/mud packs in there but you need to at least keep the metal piece in there.
  15. Hey guys just thought I would share what I did to my 2014 YZ 450 the other day. I know the 2015's came with a lighter throttle spring but your unable to obtain the part without buying the whole throttle body and that's just ridiculous. I remembered that Tokyo Mods sold lighter springs so I checked them, unfortunately they don't have one for the YZ's but they do have ones for the Honda's (same brand throttle body). Decided to buy one and see if it would work. If you look at the pictures attached the spring on the right is the 2014 YZ spring and the one on the left is the Tokyo Mods Honda spring. All I did was bend it back a little bit and cut the new spring to match the stock 2014 YZ spring. Once that is done you just drop it in place of the existing spring and button it back up. Make sure your throttle works properly before putting everything back in place as I had a few issues with it not returning until I routed the cables correctly. I know a lot of people have been looking at doing this mod so I figured I would share. This also worked on my fathers 2010 YZ 450.