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  1. mdirtrider

    leaky bike problems

    i know some of you will laugh at this but what do you guys recomend for gaskets. dry or some sort of gasket maker? the dealer reomended a yamalube product yama bond and i didnt have much luck with it. i followed the directions on the tube and when i was torqing the bolts to spec the gasket would slide out. i am trying to learn here so i refuse to bring it to a shop over a gasket. i have a boysen clutch cover and the pins from the stock cover dont fit in the holes. i think this has alot to do with it but i am afraid to open the holes up. any help would be apppreciated. thanks guys.
  2. mdirtrider

    cam/ timing help

    thanks for all your help guys. i just wanted to confirm what gray racer said about the crank triggering the ignition and the cams determinging wich tdc your on. because i knew with cars it can be different. i have made that mistake before. but i started the bike just fine and rode it around for a while and it seems to be ok. thanks again!
  3. mdirtrider

    cam/ timing help

    no i dont have the manual anymore it was lost when i moved but thanks alot for the help
  4. mdirtrider

    cam/ timing help

    could it be intaking when it is supposed to be exhausting or does it not matter as long ass the lobes ar facing outward while lined up on the tdc mark?
  5. mdirtrider

    cam/ timing help

    believe me i have confused myself trying to figure out how to explain it. oh dang i have gine cross-eyed!
  6. mdirtrider

    cam/ timing help

    it is but what im trying to find out is if while the cam chain was off if the motor was spun form top dead center say one turn and i lined ever thing back off could it be off by 180 degrees
  7. mdirtrider

    cam/ timing help

    ok guys i screwed myself all up! it all started out by deciding to check my valve clearances. a little confused on the matter i found this website and thought i learned alot. well i came across a thread about upgrading to a 2003 cam with auto-decompressor. i have a 2002 yz250f and have nearly broke the kickstarter in half over the years. well instead of reading everything i could i just dived into it. needless to say how can you tell if you are at tdc. is it possible to be 180 degrees off. with the lobes facing out when they are supposed to be facing in.? it is lined up with the I mark properly. i guess i would just like to get a warm and fuzzy before i attempt to ride. thanks guy's