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  1. yahoosaki

    Is 3 too young?

    My youngest was 4 but had been on a 2 wheel push bike since 2 - without trainer wheels! I'm against trainer wheels full stop. The give a false sense of stability and teach bad habits. However, I'm picking that you put him on a mbike ... he'll adapt quick as ... and it's tru, they do tend to g slower on a Mbike .. for a while anyway. Just do it! Do it now Yahoo!
  2. yahoosaki

    Beginner bike: PW50 or CRF50?

    One more thing ... The XR has plenty of grunt and can intimidate a cautious kid. The JR however, which I'm told is very similar to the PW, was a very good intro to riding and a bit tamer for learning on. Yahoo!
  3. yahoosaki

    Beginner bike: PW50 or CRF50?

    We started with a JR50 but my boy (then 4yrs) bent it bad - forks etc - and more than once. Changed to an XR50 within the first year and never looked back. Stronger, Faster and sound better too! The XR was jumped, raced and generally hammered but never miss a beat! Here's a couple of pics for motivation My young guy at home My young guy - MiniMX Wallpaper Also, when your done with it, they seem to hold their value pretty good - or turn it into a respectible pit bike Yahoo!
  4. Dude! This cracks me up! Yahoo!
  5. yahoosaki

    mx vs. atv

    ATV or 2 wheelers! Just ride man ... ride 'till ya Bleed! This dude was no pu55y Neither was this guy! Respect to all Yahoo!
  6. Yeah ... little bro has less fear. He's a kinda "out there" sort of a kid. Been riding 2 wheel pushbikes since just b4 2yrs old. Was going solo at 4yrs on a JR50 - without trainers! Rides big bro's KX85 from time to time too. Funny thing is, he doesn't want to race, just loves to play. Scary thing is, he's just started trying No Footers and other mad stuff! Yahoo!
  7. I guess we take it for granted how Blardy Beautiful NZ is! Check this one out Pahiatua (NZ) Yahoo!
  8. Thanks for the support. We have a great time! Hopefully my kids will look back, when they are old and gray, on this and appreciated something from their up-bringing. Yahoo! ps. Just about finished a Dirt ramp ... it's a double bump (for want of a better word) but figure the boy's will probably double it b4 long!
  9. WOW! Great jump! My younger guy did race his XR50 but has only just moved to the 60. The older boy raced quite well on the 60 (got 4th overall at the Woodville GP - Big event in NZ) and has only just gone up to the 85. I'm giving them some time to discover the power and get use to things nice and slow ... they both only changed bikes in April this year. Big boy gets big bike ... hand-me-down goes down the chain. See I am a carefull Dad Yahoo PS. Thanks for the support re: the picnic tables
  10. I reckon it's time for someone else to post some "shady ramp" picks. Take some of the heat of me! Yahoo!
  11. On yah ... but what's a Schwinn? Yahoo! forgive me ... I'm a Kiwi
  12. Amen! And we play Rugby (Football) in shorts and a shirt - without pads YahoO!
  13. Re: the RAMPS! Oh come on Guys ... GET OVER IT! I'm 100kgs plus - and my bike is at least the same - the ramps dont wobble and they dont Creak when I hit them. It is Bolted with 1/2'' Stainless Bolts, Nailed and has 2 layers of 4" x 2" longways and Cross ways it has 6, 4" x 2" down the length. Underneath it has 2 lengths of 1.5" galvanised Pipe. I test it and I check it often while we are riding and I'm not an idiot! Do you seriously think I'd risk the safety of my Kids? Yahoo! PS. If anyone does want the plans for my ramps ... get in touch
  14. LOL ... My wife is just the same. Great she's (your Mom) is trackside supporting you though! Go Mom the Screamer Yahoo!