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  1. You have to makr sure the shims are precision ground for correct performance. Also, if clearance at 0.00, as mentioned will burn once heat expansion has kicked in. Further to that starting will be extremely difficult or not possible when motor is hot.
  2. I own 1 x 4-Stroke & 1 x 2-Stroke
  3. kasea125

    W.E.R. steering dampers ?

    What bracket is used when mounting onto a KDX? Need to get one , but seems that no-one has a specific product for KDX200.
  4. kasea125

    Which chain?

    I have only used DID O-Ring cahins and never had a a problem. As far as the rivet tool, wast of money, get rid of the rivet link and use a normal masterlink. The rivet makes your chain permanent and if you need to remove it you screwed.
  5. kasea125

    Lets Have A Little Contest Here!!

    I've done quite a bit on 2006 CRF230F.... Pro-Circuit T4 Full System Big Gun Rev Box Power-up Kit Twin-Air Filter BBR Rear Spring Maxxis 110/100 rear Tyre Spacers in front fork for preload 46T rear Sprocket Digital Rev counter/ODO clocks Polisport Hand guards Hyde Development Full engine bash guard Extreme racing Alu-6061 Bars Headlight with removal rear light for racing. The engine i stock standard using Motul 5100 20W/50 engine oil. I use mine for Offroad racing and enduros. The model I've got is the EU type which has a head light as standard kit. Next on list is 240cc big bore with cams.
  6. kasea125

    crf 230 front fork?

    I sorted my forks out by replacing oil with Motul 15W and installing Stainless Steel spacers. The spacer size can vary according to your weight and riding style. I have used a spacer of 1 inch. You keep the stock springs which are progressive. Hardly bottoms and improved the handling. Also raises the bike as normally when bike upright without you on it, it sags by about 2 inches ans a further 1 and a bit when you mount. Now it only sags by 1 inch and and further1 when you mount. The spacers are made up of Stainless washers and correct out diameter. You can add and remove to adjust. 05 CRF230F, Powerup kit, Rev box