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  1. pkcof

    Need help unloading my 2007 WR 250

    almost identical . . the 300 being the new model has a slightly different frame, wave disks, fat bars, 50mm forks, etc . . both are good bikes and it would take a pro-racer to ride either of them 'flat out' to their full potential i just ride mine as a trail bike knowing that i have enough in reserve to light-it-up when i'm ready cheers
  2. pkcof

    Husqvarna CR 250 2002 opinion

    how much is 'cheap' ?
  3. pkcof

    husky wr250 1999 fouling plugs? Help!

    whats your stator output ? what mix are you running - 40:1 ? what oil are you using ? as already stated . . . what plug are you using ? last top end rebuild ? what jetting do you have now ? cheers
  4. my 360 had a stock #32.5 Pilot Jet i tried a few combinations ranging from #35, #37.5 and #40 i thought that the #32.5 or the #35 gave the best response whilst the other two were just too fat . . for the Main Jet i would think somewhere around #410 is a good starting point depending on where/how you ride the bike and in what rev range you live . . 360's don't necessarily like to be over-revved and you can get good speed and response whilst riding it on the needle (1/3 ~ 2/3 throttle) 40:1 is a good mix if you intend to rev them pretty high . . cheers
  5. pkcof

    Need parts for 1991 260 WXE

    try R&D Husqvarna (Australia)
  6. pkcof

    92 360 Wr

    i was under the impression that not a lot changed between the early 360's and the later ones . . what parts are you after exactly ? cheers
  7. wasn't the octane rating (RON) measured differently back then ? i used to run 91 RON or 95 RON in my '01 360 without any problems whatsoever cheers
  8. pkcof

    My 99 WR250

    Same here, the 99 WR250 was a great model and i regret selling it the most. The guard on my 09 is a HYDE pipe guard/skid plate combination . . and quite good protection check it out here www.hyderacing.com/off_road_motorcycle.htm cheers
  9. pkcof

    My 99 WR250

    here's a couple of pics of my 99 WR250 i wish that i still had it - it was a great bike well ahead of its time and the competition that was around then . . my friend also had a 99 WR250 and other bike is a 97 300 EXC my bike is (was) the one with the 'Whips' pipe guard . . i really like my new 09 WR300 but i'd like both !! cheers
  10. pkcof

    PDF for a 1999 WR250

    from memory (see avatar) gearbox = 870ml (+/-) Motul 2T Transoil it is a 2T = no oil filter almost any Husky air filter will fit it . . post up a pic of it - i wish that i still had mine ! then again, i'm very happy with my '09 WR300 ! ! cheers
  11. always err on the side of caution . . a # 32.5 ~ # 35 Pilot Jet should be perfect depending on altitude/temperature/humidity a #370 ~ #390 Mail Jet should be perfect depending on altitude/temperature/humidity a # 3 Slide has a slightly smaller 'cut away' than a # 4 - mot a major difference so i would leave that for the moment . . now you can experiment with the # 2 clip position or the # 3 clip position depending on your riding style . . you will know which one suits your style better **don't forget to do a throttle chop once you have been riding on the 'needle' for a few minutes - this will give you a good idea of how well the jetting is tuned . . cheers
  12. ok, we're getting close then . . perhaps a 32.5 pilot would be perfect the spooge that you descride is NEEDLE CLIP POSITION related . . not pilot jet related where is your 'clip' position at the moment ? cheers
  13. interesting . . i can see what you are trying to achieve but keep in mind that most of your riding is done on the needle changing the pilot jet affects the idle~1/8 throttle changing the main jet affects 3/4~full throttle . .and yes it also has a minor affect on the needle one thing that you don't want to do is to run your bike overly lean from my experience i would looks at somewhere between a 32.5~35 pilot would be ideal one way to check if your pilot jet is borderline oversize is whether your bike starts easy enough without the choke . . ? somewhere between 390~410 main jet would be ideal the main thing that i would do is experiment with the needle clip position starting from 4th position from the top and working my way back to 3rd and then 2nd cheers
  14. pkcof

    2009 WR 300 running hot??

    i'm not sure what stock jetting is in the USA . . over here (Aus) mine is as following: stock pilot jet #45 >> is now #40 (i think that 42.5 would be perfect) stock needle #6gay69-74 >> same, 3rd clip (2nd depending on heat/humidity) stock main jet #440 >> is now #420 as i have read previously, the main problem is that the float level is set too high - this accounts for the poor mileage and inconsistancy with the jetting. i also thought that my bike was running overly warm until i flushed the system and refilled with a 50/50 mix of water & Castrol anti freeze/anti boil. i did not need to change the cap (1.4 as you noticed) cheers Paul
  15. pkcof

    Well... I suppose it was inevitable

    i'm guessing that you saw this coming ? ? and, i'm warming more to my 300 after each ride