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  2. This is the official Service manual. They come from Helm Inc. You can order online or get them at a dealer. Year: Model: (CRF450R is under racing.) Type: Shop Service http://www.helminc.com/helm/search_service_owner.asp?Style=&class%5F2=AHC&mscsid=CS62TXAS31WU8G0RDCFX7EKW825590D4 http://www.helminc.com/helm/Result.asp?Style=&Mfg=AHC&Make=AHC&Model=RACE&Year=2005&Category=1&Keyword=&Module=&selected%5Fmedia=&mscsid=CS62TXAS31WU8G0RDCFX7EKW825590D4

    Service manual on CD?

    http://www.helminc.com/helm/search_service_owner.asp?Style=&class%5F2=AHC&mscsid=D913DSMRPPPP8GC9R5EPJXF23QJ71GW4 These are the official manuals. I have 1 and they are very good. Pick Racing for CRF450R Under Model option And (all types) They are out of 450R won't have them till 4-30-07

    Kick stand advice?

    In my opinion PMB is the only way to go. :applause:
  5. Some say no some say yes. I say yes because the sprokets are not on the same plane. It will tend to drive the chain over to the outside of the fron and the inside of the rear. Wheather that causes wear enough to worrie about could be debated till the cows come home. I went out and bought an x ring chain before I found out that there is a special (smaller, not as wide) x ring chain made that work for this aplication. For me it bothers me if the chain is that far out of alignment. {rvl Quote}"The stock chain on the X models is a new narrower design from Honda and DID. Honda calls it a D ring chain." Honda's D-ring chain On my 05 CRF450R I used a RK 520-114XSOGB (520 gold x ring 114 links) The chain is 100ths wider (50 on each side). If I pushed on the chain it would scrap the case while rotating. Some say it miss aligns the front and rear. Some flip the drive sprocket. I did this more stuff Searches for spacer or front sprocket etc. 1 2 3
  6. When you add 20thd's or more to the back side of the css. You then in turn push the css out beyond the end of the css shaft. Now you are over stressing the cupped washer. In turn it breaks. 2 solutions use older set up or use the same thickness(smaller o.d.) washer on the end of the shaft to compensate for moving the css out beyond shaft end.
  7. Quote from rvl "The stock chain on the X models is a new narrower design from Honda and DID. Honda calls it a D ring chain." Honda's D-ring chain On my 05 CRF450R I used a RK 520-114XSOGB (520 gold x ring 114 links) The chain is 100ths wider (50 on each side). If I pushed on the chain it would scrap the case while rotating. Some say it miss aligns the front and rear. Some flip the drive sprocket. I did This more stuff Searches for spacer or front sprocket etc. 1 2 3 http://www.rockymountainatv.com/productDetail.do?prodFamilyId=657&navTitle=Drive&webCatId=9&webTypeId=68&navType=type Fastway Ring Leader Counter Shaft Spacer Our price: $1.49 Part# Part# 030000 Go to an auto machine shop and get a .060valve shim with an id of 1 inch. works great and is cheap. Mitch You can also use a Series 100 automotive valve spring shim. I had very slight chain rub on my case with the x-ring chain so I used a .018" thick version of the shim. The .018" Series 100 shim is the thinnest shim available just in case you are like kelstr or me and don't like the idea of getting the front and rear sprokets too far out of alignment with one another. BTW, most auto machine shops will give you a shim for free if they have the size you need. You will need a spacer on the 05 R, but you will need to purchse the CS washer off of an 03-04 model and toss the stock 05 two-piece unit. Don't ask why, just spend the $2 and get one. I Went to my machine shop and got a series 100 30ths. valve shim. This one went behind drive sprocket. Also got a series 200 30ths valve shim for front under 05 double washer(stepped & cupped). This one need slight modification. I had to taper the edge to match the chamfer on sprocket. This was done in order for it to mate up to counter shaft so the stepped washer would tighten against it. Also the trick to get these to stay in place while tightening, is to magnetize them.

    Zerk Fittings on the Linkage

    I did this on my CR250 as well as My 05 CRF450R. Lotta work requires modifing bearings and seals. I did the link as well just diden't post pictures. 05 CRF450R swingarm mod
  9. Alls I know is we don't see planes driving on the MX track. Neither do I think MX bikes will be flying anytime soon. I bet AV gas would work well in a Sledgehammer over sweet jumps. Just ask Mr Dynomite. WE don"t use football helmets for motorcycling or do we?
  10. AZVMAX

    Breaking in new 06

    http://www.mototuneusa.com/break_in_secrets.htm Ride fast and hard.
  11. AZVMAX

    How to make a manual chain tensioner

    Can you explain or possible pictures? I know how much you like posting pix.
  12. Refer to this thread for advantages 13/52 = 4.000 14/48 = 3.428 Which means the front sprocket (CSS CounterShaft Sprocket) has to turn 3.428 times to turn the back wheel 1 revolution. Your Top speed will be faster than stock. Like 72 stock vs. 78 according to my crf450 gearing calc. 7% gain over stock You will get higher rear wheel speed (loading the motor more) because the CSS spins less for 1 rear wheel rotation. So the higher the number the lower the gearing. Engine spins more to do less work.(low gearing) Ya TMInfo I know stock = 13/48 = 3.692 13/49 = 3.769 13/50 = 3.846 13/51 = 3.923 13/52 = 4.000 14/48 = 3.428 14/49 = 3.500 14/50 = 3.571 14/51 = 3.642
  13. AZVMAX

    Need professional advice

    I have used a water based contact cement. Works very well plus the extra that comes out is easily rubbed off with your fingers. Follow instructions apply to both sides let dry and push them together.
  14. This is quoted from Kelstr 1" i just did my 14th bike for my customers, and this was the second 05, and i have always put the crank seal and the balancer seal in. and i can always see where the balancer seal looks almost blown out from being seated from pressure from plugged trans vent or overfilling of trans oil, --and yes i have seen one 05 where the crank seal was alittle crocked but i could not see that it had ever passed fluid,----i have really only seen one crank seal that i could say yes it was leaking, and it was on a 400 hr beat to death 02 that had way more problems than swapping fluid. i really think the balancer seal gets pressurized out from mud plugging the vent and or overfilling the tranny , almost all of the bikes i have done are operator error,---. the hinson clutch assembly witch holds way more fluid because of a deeper cover seems to help this seal get pushed out, -----over half of the bikes i have done have this cover on and the guys fill those over full and start the problem. but it is such a simple repair,---hell i have done it at the track in my trailer . i just don't think it is a big deal, ---if you don't keep your vents clear it will happen . now i have epoxied and staked the balancer seal in for guys that i know wont keep the vents clear and run to much fluid ,----and they work good , now i don't like to do that but oh well . it is faster to just pull your bike appart and check the darn thing yourself and fix it if need be rather than think the kid at the dealer will do it correctly for you ,----i mean you can do the whole job in a hr and it only takes 5 parts , and now you know its right , rather than sitting at the dealer for two weeks,----i cant Tell you how badly some of these get screwed up that i get from dealers!!!---its sad! " 2" well it is a matter of removing your rock gards ,kicker, shifter and brake arms,dropping the coolent ,trans and engine lub,and removing the rt and lft engine covers. then removing the clutch and basket, then remove the rt crank bolt , and the rt balancer shaft nut and you can then pop the crank power takeoff gear off and look at or change the rt crank seal , and you can slide the balancer shaft out the left side and look at and or change the balancer shaft seal witch is on the left side. it is a very quick little job it takes one rt and left cover gskts one coolent o ring and rt crank seal and balancer shaft seal. when i get to the shop i will look up the numbers and add them on. ok the lt side gskt---11395-meb-670-----11.49---list --5.33 jober rt side gskt---11394-meb-670-----14.79---list--8.96 jober balancer seal ---91203-meb-671-----4.89 ---list--2.27 jober crankseal ---91202-meb-671-----9.62---list --5.32 jober o ring for coolent ---91256-383-721-----2.85---list---.89 jober this is what the numbers and prices are out hear in az, ck with your dealer and see for your area.--- it would not hurt to have these parts on hand so if a buddy and or your bike developed the problem you will be more than ready !! i try and keep two sets of these in the trailer just to be safe !! "