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  1. shane89

    Clicking noise at rear when jumping?????

    funny you say this as my bike dose the same thing and my mates dose too but my dads dose not, they are all xr400s
  2. shane89

    kick start spindle assembly problems ???

    No has had this problem before ? i have both the clymer and hoda maneuls and can't work it out im just missing somthing.
  3. I had to pull the right side cover off to take the clutch basket off and after put it back together you can only push the kickstarter down a third of the way and it stops and then i turn the fly wheel over with a tbar the kick start moves also so i have done something wrong ??? Any ideas to what i did wrong. Thanks.
  4. shane89

    oem rings on aftermarket piston Questions?

    I found out the rings do not fit the piston i got unsure of the brand as it has no name on the piston. The old oil rings is bigger than the new oem ones i got so when i tryed to put the new ones on they were too lose so it just looks like i will have to buy a new piston. Also i know how to measue to the ring end gap and when i have dont it before they have been in spec but how do i change it if its not?
  5. I have oem brand new rings and using the old piston as it is still on good condition but it not the oem one its standard size tho. so my question is can i use the oem rings i bought and put them on the aftrmarket piston witch has a one piece oil ring and the oem ones is three piece oil ring, do not know the brand of piston. Also was looking around the place for a clutch for this bike and it is a 96 model and they say please let us know if you need it for a 96 model, so i was just wondering what the diffrance was in the 96 and the new clutch as i thought they were the same. Thanks.
  6. shane89

    ALOOP install

    shoulddn't you have your front brake line on the inside of the fork leg to stop it from catching on sticks and stuff just my thought anyway i rekion it looks better too.
  7. shane89

    xr400 using oil ???

    thanks for the info i went and seen my mates dad whos a grease monky and he said the same thing just re-ring the piston and put new valve stem seals in he rekions and clean up the carbon build up. for the stud the just go to the top of the head then there is 4 bolt three in where the cam shaft is and one out side then for the rocker cover there is like 8 6mm or so bolts that hold the rocker cover on the stud udo i think so maybe that is what happend?
  8. shane89

    XR250: Tick..Tick...Tick...Tick...Tick!

    andy t, you say it used oil how much we talking because i might have a similar problem with my xr and did it blow lots of smoke or what ? also what is it you tap you valve guides with as im currnetly pulling my head apart.
  9. shane89

    xr400 using oil ???

    righto so i think i have worked out this picture posting thingo Here is the valves they have got heavy carbon build up don't know if this is relvant or not. as you can see the carbon/dirt on the crown of the piston i would think this is not normal ??? and the bike would have between 15,000 to 20,000 km on it. Thanks for any help.
  10. shane89

    xr400 using oil ???

    well i got off my arss and pulled the motor apart last night and what apears to me is i have a dusted motor correct me if im wrong, im only presuming this.will post pics later when i work that out, what i found well the valves are carboned up and the piston has like a carbon dirt on the top of the piston it feels rough and comes off if you rub it but not easaly it is caked on a bit and that was the main thing that lead me to belive it is a dusted motor and poor airfilter matince on my half. so if it is a dusted motor what needs replacing should i pull the bottom end apart or what because i don't really want to.
  11. shane89

    XR-400 Big Bore sizes

    so with the 416 you just get the shop to bore it right ? and who makes these kits ?
  12. shane89

    Removed 6 shims from my stack, but....

    thanks for the info. In regaurd to the fork cover they can slide on before you put it in to the triple clamps as i took mine off before i took my forks to my mates.
  13. shane89

    xr400 using oil ???

    ok thanks i was thinking some were along the lines of the valves, are the valve guides hard to replace or do i need to send the head of to get them done at a machine shop ? My mates tell me it blows a puff here and there but not that offten. I want to puff the the top end down verry soon to check it out what signs do i look for to tell about the valves.
  14. shane89

    xr400 using oil ???

    ok i have a 2003 xr400 and it is using oil, i am only getting out less than 500ml when drop both the egine, frame and change it evrry 500km so its happend twice and i was worried the first time and the seconded time thought it was time that something was done about it, from what i can tell it dosn't not leak oil so can rule that out and it dosn't blow much smoke and when it dose its black and you get when reving it hard when riding or changing down gears etc. It dosn't not blow smoke at start up all thought its ment to be common so wouldn't be worried. I am not to sure what it might be as my muffle is carboned up not oily. The bike still works fine and the valves are adjusted. I Have got no idea as to were it might be going any ideas as to what it might be ?
  15. shane89

    Removed 6 shims from my stack, but....

    i went to a mate joint to do this mod to my fork but then could find a 19mm thin wall for the rattle gun and don't have the rod holder tool to do it with a socket so waiting for him to get one. should i set the oil hight to 100mm and the stock oil is 5wt right ??? well this is what i was plainning on replacing the 10wt i have in there now.