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  1. 4 STROKER

    I keep melting silencer packing

    Look for air leak at pipe connections.
  2. 4 STROKER

    07 CR 250 porting decking and squish info

    That is a good mid-range head but it will not get you to the first turn first against a group of 450's.
  3. 4 STROKER

    very close to parting this thing out...

    Did you pressure test it? Next look at the float height, screen in fuel tank and the stator. Could even be a bad plug. Sounds like a vaccume leak though.
  4. 4 STROKER

    *Porting gurus needed* 05' CR250

    I bet most of your problem is in the head. You have a pic?
  5. 4 STROKER

    cr250 top speed

    My modified 02 cr250 gpsed at a little over 79 mph with 14/50 sprockets. What rpm was it turning? We tested a stock 05 crf450 at the same time and it ran 86mph with a 13/48.
  6. 4 STROKER

    04 CR250R

    Yep, Barnett clutch baskets are top notch
  7. 4 STROKER

    02-03 cr 250r big bore kits

    In 2002 PC had a combo package for the new cr. It was a port,cut head,pipe and silencer. They rated the combo at 52 rwhp. A racing buddy got the package in 2002 it ran good I mean real good.
  8. 4 STROKER

    How many of you have work done by Eric Gorr? 2005 CR250R

    All true!! I do my own engine work and I set it up like PC I even do better work cause it's mine I am sure Eric can do it to if you were to give him some extra coin. It takes extra time to do all the grinding. Then again you have to run race gas. I have cut the base 30, recut the head, raised the exhaust port (it was on an 02) and cleaned up the casting like Eric dose. This makes a motor with good roll on power with about the same topend as stock. A motor most riders would benifit from. For the $$$ Eric puts out a great service.
  9. 4 STROKER

    Suspension Advise-All Input Welcome

    Yep,Eibach those are the ones. Sounds like you sell them? Run them hard at the track pull them out and they are bent like a banana. Never had factory ones do that. Aftermarket shims fatigue and you start turning in the clickers. You know its time to get some new compression stacks. OEM shims show wear but just keep on a working. OEM suspension parts for me thank you.
  10. 4 STROKER

    Suspension Advise-All Input Welcome

    Cool, but if the forks start packing, deflecting, head shaking especially when breaking in high speed bumps build the high speed back up. Putting the cross over in flows more oil even for the high speed chop where you get most of your fatigue and arm pump. Try both ways see what you like better.
  11. 4 STROKER

    Suspension Advise-All Input Welcome

    Ok From what I can see this is your stock BV fork stack 2-20.1 19.1 18.1 17.7 16.1 15.1 14.1 13.1 12.1 11.1 10.1 9.2 8.2 6-16.3 I would take your 11.1 out and put it under the 2-20.1 for a cross over you will end up with much plusher forks.
  12. 4 STROKER

    Suspension Advise-All Input Welcome

    I would not use Race Tech stuff if you gave it to me, their shims wear out fast (espicaly in a mid valve) and their fork springs sag. Not for me no thanks.
  13. 4 STROKER

    Suspension Advise-All Input Welcome

    I just looked RG3 dose not make their smart valves for a cr as old as yours. Your stock valves will be fine though. All you need is your bushings checked for wear, new valving and some HP5 Honda oil. It will be much much better than now. You can do it if your mechanically inclined and know how to read a manual. In your forks you mid valve should be good as is your ICS springs. You just need a good stack for your main valves and I believe you will make your goal.
  14. 4 STROKER

    Suspension Advise-All Input Welcome

    To get your 01 cr to work like your XR600 you are going to need a revalve. If you are not familiar with valving I would give RG3 a call and tell them you would like your cr plush like your xr and be done with it. You have heard right not every tuner will fix your suspension right. I am not familiar with 01 cr250 valving if it was 05 or newer I could help but look on the net you will probably some valving that will suit you. Most likely a dual stage stack and lower oil 360 to 375cc in the forks is what you will like. Believe it or not your springs are close to what you need for offroad/hare scrambles. All Honda twin chamber forks need valving IMO.
  15. 4 STROKER

    Wossner Pistons

    Looks like my hone they help straighten the cylinder.