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  1. Being were in San Diego Ca. we only have tracks to ride at unless going to the desert or OHV areas out in the sticks. It is dangerious for an adult to go out onto a course with other children riding unless it is nesesary. If a child can pick up the bike but cant kick start it then electric start is a great tool to have. If you trust your child enough to ride a gas powered bike then in my opinion the child should be able to start the bike on his/her own with no help. Remember this bike is to learn to ride on. If the child doesnt need electric start then good for him/her. I ride 450 and 250 motocross bikes and have no problem if it has a button to start it. Especially when im racing ROTTEN
  2. The question was best bike for a 4-5 year old. My kid at 4-5 could not start my XR50 with out my help. Yamaha has electric start so it is the best bike for that age group ROTTEN
  3. Depends on if you want to modify it or not at the moment. If your looking to make a racer out of it beyond the basics the product is at this point limited. Otherwise if your going for just basics like bar kit suspension ect it is a great plat form and priced a 100 under the crf50 RoTTeNinc.net
  4. ROTTENinc

    Fork Stiffeners

    Depends what your using the bike for. If your street stunting they might do ok but for moto dont skimp and go with chromoly lowers and new bushings.
  5. ROTTENinc

    what bike?

    WE will have a few of our bikes at the Thumpertalk/ Planetminis ride day for you guys to check out in October. I would post pics up but we are not a paid advertiser yet.
  6. ROTTENinc

    top 5 pit bikes for under $1200

    Beware of bike you purchase from ebay as most are not what you think your getting.