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  1. booger68

    Bike will not start? Help please!

    Hi all, I tried to restart again last night and still no good puled plug it was a new one so hard to tell if there was gas on it. I put the old one back in tried it it did not look like there was any gas on it so tried it again today after i took it all apart and shot some cleaner up in there all jets where free and clear. put back in and tried it again with the old plug not gas on it still. If the timing is offf or the valves are off and need to be reshimed shouldnt i still get gas on the plug? any help on this will be well appreciated. thanks booger
  2. booger68

    Bike will not start? Help please!

    The plug is sparking, i am fixing to blow the oil that i put into the cylinder out and refire everything to see if the plug is wet. Also what would i be looking for in the left side case i have not pulled it apart so not sure what to look for? Is there anything that should sand out? Thanks underbike and Jeb, I appreciate your help.I will do that later on tonight when it cools off. booger
  3. booger68

    Bike will not start? Help please!

    Should i pull the carb again a spray a bunch of carb cleaner in all of the open holes and such? I do not see a fuel filter on the line it just comes off of the petcock and goes straight to the carb. I guess the intake should be good as i am getting fuel out of the drain hole on the bottom of the carb right? He said it was running when he shut it down. is there a way to tell if fuel is getting to the plug? I guess i could try pouring a little down the spark plug hole? thanks booger
  4. Hi all, I have a 2000 drz400s with the stock carb i sold it to my brother about 3 yrs ago he called and asked if i wanted it back i said sure.Well it turns out he has not started it for about 2 yrs. I started it it ran for all of about 2or 3 seconds then died.So i ordered the jd jet kit and installed that figuring the jets were pluged up(they where all open and clear) and such got it in today and tried it out all it does is just turn over. While i was waiting for the kit i drained old gas out and cleaned the tank. Did the 3x3 Changed the plug and checked it for spark.I even read on a search that someone had the same problem as this one where it had sat for a while and they poured a cap full of oil down the head where the plug goes so i even done that. Checked the float bowl and there is gas there. Should i have doused the carb in carb cleaner i read somewhere i think that these carbs should not be sprayed with a whole lot of cleaner? I had my son hold the clutch while i was trying to start it and it was sucking some while i was cranking is that normal? Anyone have any other thoughts or suggestions? thanks for any help booger
  5. booger68

    crf450r wheels

    Hi all, Will crf450r rims work on a 2000 drz 400 s? Just wondering if a set of sm wheels will work on my bike? thanks booger
  6. booger68

    Rebuilding an xr 100 carb?

    I have searched this forum and had no luck on finding a how to thread.Any help would be appreciated.It is a 98 xr 100 i can pour a little gas in the spark plug hole and it will start.I also have taken the carb off and sprayed a lot of cleaner all around inside and all thanks for any help? booger
  7. I just got it on it took 2 1\2 hrs but hell it was only the 3rd tire i have done.[pattin myself on the back]. I hope i got them both on right there where no arrows for direction.Alright first question MT 41 and a terror flex,can they be put on wrong? Also what air preassure are you running for the mt and the flex street and dirt?I put 15 lbs front and back just for around the block the ass end is real lose slides all over the place.I did some reading and i understand i need to get to some dirt for the rear tire but if i could get some ball park ideas i would appreciate it.Oh yea and i used the bridgestone ultr heavy duty tubes if that helps.I also think i read somewhere about using less air with them also. Thanks for any help booger
  8. I got some used protapers i was wondering if bar clamps from a '03 honda crf450r will work on the drz?if someone could help out i would appreciate it. booger
  9. booger68

    FCR-mc TT store when? early-mid june?

    If you know anything about supply and demand sometimes that is just the way it is.If they where fabbing them up i am sure they would alway's have a few on the shelves.They are a pretty high dollar item and i am sure they are making a little off of them.I bet they would like to sell everyone one of them.I am not trying to bust your chops this is just the way things are sometimes there are alot sometimes not. booger
  10. booger68

    Tonns Racing... anyone have problems lately?

    It appears to be a tonn's at least thats what i hope it is.I http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=005&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT&viewitem=&item=150133783036&rd=1,1 only saved 15 bucks so with him not being able to fab them right now it might be a good deal. booger
  11. booger68

    fcr ?

    Would one of these Yamaha YZ250f fcr carb work i think the ol boy said it was a 2002 model? thanks booger
  12. I was wondering what differant kinds of fcr's there are that will work on our bikes?The E fcrs are differant than the fcrmx i think maybie?I think i read that a yamaha fcr will work also?can someone make a list of the differant kinds of fcrs that will work from differant bikes?And i think there is a quad running this same motor does it have an fcr and can it be used on our bikes?I am just woondering so i can search differant bikes and such.Also there is a salvage yard they might have something laying around.Any help would be appreciated. booger
  13. booger68

    Bad news today.

    Prayer's are comming from kentucky stay strong. booger
  14. booger68

    Parts Manual on CD

    Look on ebay there are a couple of differant ones. booger http://search.ebay.com/search/search.dll?from=R40&satitle=drz400+
  15. booger68

    2000 400s is there a simple fix for the forks?

    Thanks ,Neal & Harp I think that may be the next thing i try and do.I just finished the countershaft fix because of the seal and i put 14-47 gears on.I guess the next thing will be the shocks and a rejet kit.Do the 3x3 and billet tip just in case it is to loud.I do not want to have to buy another muffler.Bike is pretty much stock and i have 2 kids so i cannot trick it out as fast as most do on here.Plus having not ridden for 20 plus years it will take me a while to get back in the swing of things. Thanks for all the help folks!!!!! booger