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  1. Yes. Everyone please chim in how many CC's you put in at filter change please. There is no talk about CC's in 250F's. Let's get this documented.
  2. Just got the bike. Manual says 690cc for engine w/ filter change. It took 750cc's to get the bike to the top mark on the checker. Yes, I ran it for 3 minutes, etc before checking. This too much oil?
  3. He hates Honda's because he knows the Yamaha will last half the time and twice the maintenance and he is upset he didn't buy a Honda.
  4. I can almost guarantee its what I told you in my above post. Especially on an 02.
  5. The hotstart piston could be frozen open at the carb. Take the carb off clean up that piston (it's at the very end of the hotstart cable). Possibly replace the cable too ($11). let us know what you find.
  6. I found out what is was. The fuel screw was turned almost all the way in. It was only out approx 1/4 of a turn. I don't know how the bike even ran!
  7. It does it while riding and nutreal. I only did it twice in nutreal to check the poping after I heard it on the track. I am working on the jetting now and I'm sure things will be fine after. I got a lot of nice PM's with helpful info from non negative people. To all the helpful adults that sent PM's...Thanks!
  8. Sarcasm folks, sarcasm...
  9. The wheel could be out of true as well. This is why my front brake drags. It's nothing to worry about.
  10. Get a rail. These bikes are made for the track.
  11. Couldn't the oil bring back some of the grease into the engine, or is it just to heavy for that to happen?
  12. Many MX riders use this gearing. The pros use 14/53. I'v never had to go into 4th on a tight track on my old bike. Again, another usless reply.
  13. I have not pulled the carb apart yet. I will check tonight when I get home. Thanks Ben!
  14. I had lower gearing on my old bike and it pulled forever in 3rd. I do not want to go to a 49 or 50 on the rear, because then I wont ever be able to pull out of corners in 3rd. Ever.
  15. I'm not hitting the rev limiter while sitting still in nutreal. I am trying to fine tune it and only going about 3/4 trottle when it starts popping. I should be able to use 3rd gear on a tight technical MX track, no need for 4th. your telling me you guys never hit the higher rpms on a track? How to you win races just using the low end. YOU DONT. Maybe your just a trail rider.