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  1. its a 1998. All i have is the bill of sale. I already have the dual sport kit from baja designs and some dot dual sport tires. Thanks
  2. i wanted to register my xr400 for the road. I have the kit for street legality but how can i register it without a title? Anyone from here done it? Thanks guys I really appreciate it.
  3. thumpstah

    cant decide??

    Thanks guys for your input i appreciate it
  4. thumpstah

    cant decide??

    I am interested in getting a bike but i dont know if i should get a xr400 or a 4 stroke 250 such as crf250 or yzf250. I do tight trail riding and not much motocross stuff. I was thinking a 250 because of the light weight and good power delivery and liquid cooling but not sure. Please give me your input...thanks