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  1. kevin31

    drz 400e to dual sport motor swap

    one more for ya he put a fresh top end with a 13 or 13.5:1 high comp piston with hot cams do you see any prob running pump gas in this i plan on using this motor on the street. thank you for such a fast response
  2. kevin31

    drz 400e to dual sport motor swap

    wiring harness no prob? or anything else i should grab from the guy besides those items sir?
  3. so i have a destroyed motor and i can get a 2000 eletric start motor with a flatside fcr carb(i guess they came stock with those in 2000 not a cv carb) do i need the guys wiring harness to make this swap work what all will i need to do to switch this 2000 motor and fcr carb into my 2002 cv carb bike? thanks
  4. Dr. i went today and had my mri looked over and i fractured my humerous pretty good. he wants me back in four weeks with another x ray to determin how its healing and wants me to enroll in PT 2 times weekly for six weeks. i was planning on mailing my mri films to your office for review but do you think thats needed? i have no idea if my doctor here could be missing something whats your opinion. and is PT something i should really be paying for i was thinking of going once find out what i need to do and finish the rest up at home. thank you for all you help so far. its so great having such an expert to talk to thats also a fellow rider. thanks brother kevin
  5. i have the mri films how would i need to go about emailing them. scanner? thank you for you help.
  6. dr. i just had my mri and am still not fully aware of the seriousness off my shoulder should i go to my local doctor to have the films reviewed or do i need to send them to you first? i will call monday and see if i can make it possible to have you do the surgery (if even needed)what order do i need to go in?
  7. do you have to remain in texas for a while or would it be just an in out one day deal? does he end up costing more to go too because he is a specialist or would he be the same depending on insurance?
  8. i have pacific care hmo i live in sacramento and i just had my mri and am looking for a great surgeon to help me get back to my bike asap. any suggestions? i dont mind traveling if i have to.if the results are going to be that much better. my doctor reffered me to a local guy who called me but i would like to research this. i possible have a torn rotator cuff i cannot get even close to lifting my arm above shoulder height let alone move it well. either way something is messed up in there. i am 23 if that matters and seem to be a fast healer and am willing to put in the PT or any exersizes needed for fast recovery.is there some specialists for guys like us? what to do?
  9. kevin31

    06crf450 probs after valve adj. ? help

    what am i checking for?
  10. just did my first valve adjustment on my 450 and did not have a manual or anything to refer to other than valve specs i have my valves adjusted at .010 for my exhaust (did not mess within spec) and .06 on my intakes which needed diff. shims well i put it all back together timing seems to be fine and my bike feels as if it has more compresion than before and kicking it is not even as easy as it was am i missing something could i have messed my timing up or had my cam off a 180? could i have bent a valve? i am a lil worried that something is messed up i am praying its just something with the auto decomp? it sounds like it could start every few kicks but nothing there? please help me so i can ride sunday!
  11. i have had stock exhaust with stock jetting and seems to rip. so just leave the carb alone? every ful system i have ever done always needed them to be changed.
  12. just came up on a factory 4.1 and want to put it on for sundays ride but fmf's web site is not listing suggested jetting for there system. anyone with experience or know if or what i need to change it to i am ridding mostly in the sacramento area which i believe is close to sea level. thanks for anyhelp before saunday morn!!
  13. kevin31

    Tokyo Mods Carburator Mod Idle speed

    how much does it run for this mod and is it a good idea to do this on a fresh 06' thats all stock? can this be done at home?
  14. kevin31

    lil help yz250 in dunes

    so go with the sand pro then?