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  1. sjrdr

    Should i replace this piston??

    most definitely [emoji1303]
  2. sjrdr

    Something for track and trail

    KX100 seem to be a good option [emoji1303]
  3. sjrdr

    What next?

    My son outgrew his RM85. I put him on a KX100 to build confidence, before the full size bike. Best decision ever. He is now on a CR250 and loves it [emoji41]
  4. had my boy on an RM85 and KX100 before moving up to a CR250. both were great bikes. built a lot of confidence and it was the best move ever [emoji1303]
  5. sjrdr

    JD my TMX or go Airstryker?

    went through the same ordeal, tried everything with the Mikuni. finally swapped to the airstryker from JD and ran perfect since then.
  6. sjrdr

    cr125 or a 250 2 stroke

    a lot of work/clutch to get the power down and will have to carry a lot of speed. been there, with an 02 CR125 to an 01 CR250 ... never went back
  7. sjrdr

    1st ride

    Nice! Had my 01 for 15 years and still runs like a champ !!! [emoji1303]
  8. sjrdr

    Few questions

    just be careful if you try to bend the radiator back. made a mistake and tried to bend it back, causing the radiator to leak ... and had to purchase another one.
  9. hey all, noticed gear oil leaking from the left side cover. pulled the cover off and see oil coming from the hole underneath the flywheel. checked again by leaning the bike to the left, and sure enough, it is definitely gear oil. not sure where to start? is it the left crank seal, clutch actuator arm shaft seal? was gonna ride it today, but not sure if the leak would cause major issues. i have attached a picture, which i found here on the forum, thanks!
  10. definitely check the pilot jet, it may be clogged.
  11. hey all, need to replace the clutch basket. can i get away with only removing the right-side clutch cover? Or, will need to remove the entire crankcase cover? thanks! 2006 KX100
  12. hey all, i may be moving to the seattle area this summer. there are tons of information with places to ride/camp - http://www.wohva-map-catalog.org/ do you know where is the closest place to seattle to ride dirtbikes? being able to camp there is a huge plus.
  13. sjrdr

    Back on a YZ125 :)

    nice bike, congrats!