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  1. Moto4706250

    Beginners question on jumps and berms.

    another thing make sure your butt isnt sittin to far back cause the bike could be kickin ya ive done that a couple times
  2. Moto4706250

    Question about broken collarbone

    good news my arms been out of the sling and the pains pretty much gone
  3. Moto4706250

    Question about broken collarbone

    I will when I get the x-ray, my ortho will get me a copy the 21 when I go see him cause he gives me cd's i have the actual xray just no way to get it to a computer:(
  4. Hey Dr Mark i broke my collarbone 3 weeks ago and was wondering, I have a really sharp pain above my shoulder, when putting on a shirt and turning my head a certain way is this normal, like muscle tightness? thx, Chris
  5. Moto4706250

    Light Sensitive Lenses..

    I've been using my pro grips for 2 years now and i absolutely love them, I'd recommend them
  6. Moto4706250

    buying new 250f

    about that ktm suspension one of my buddies has a 06 and he absolutely hates the suspension on it, I have a crf and i love it no problems at all either
  7. Moto4706250

    Boot Question?

    Has any1 tried berik boots im looking for boots with good protection cause im comin back after being laid up for four months, broke the tib and fib a inch above my ankle and I want better protection then my tech 6's offer.
  8. Moto4706250

    Exhuast or Suspension?

    Thx guys, thats what I thought but my father had a different idea. The helps appreciated
  9. Moto4706250

    Exhuast or Suspension?

    I'am a mid C rider and was wondering what would be better for my stock 05 205, getting my suspension done by race tech or a fmf factory 4 exhuast system?