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  1. joescicchitano

    Cam Chain sawing into head

    sounds like ur chain stretched,same thing happened to me on my 610,youll have to get a new chain(dont just cut a few links out because it might stretch again to much and snap,then youll have some real problems!) and definitly a new cam sprocket,if it doesnt look worn(sharp or curved) check the the sprocket it leads to on the bottom end.
  2. make sure all the water is out of the airbox,dry off the filter and everything,make sure no water is in the intake,then check all the vent tubes leading from the airbox and reroute them if there too low.it shoulld be good after that if the problem consists then its probly a gasket leak,or seal,on my 610 the water pump pipe came out and made the coolant leak through the barrel and it turned my oil to a white milky color,so make sure its not antifreeze..and what happened to the engine after you rode threw? and if this happenes again and you no you got water in your engine,try pulling the plug and kick her and water should shot out.
  3. joescicchitano

    2006 TC 250 will i like it?

    i got a tc610 and my friend has a tc 450 and a tc 250,the 250 will have enought power to pull you around fine but i think you should go with the 450,the 450 is a beast and you will never get bored on it,get the 450
  4. joescicchitano

    valve removel

    hi i got a tc 610 that i just got a new cylinder head for,im planning on taking the valves out of the old head and putting them in then new head, today i tried to take the valves out but i couldnt figure how to get them out?i only have experiance in adjusting the clearance and that stuff but never removed it. how do you get them out?and is there anything i should know when replacing them???any tips and on how to get em out would be great thanks.
  5. joescicchitano

    New ignition. Help!

    why dont you just take it to the shop?
  6. joescicchitano

    assembling clutch (need help)

    okay so i got my bike back from ferraci the other day, needed new top end but they wanted to much for it so i figured id just do it myself,i thought just the top end would be off,but the clutch cover was off along with everything thing inside it,im not to fermilliar with it, so yesterday i put the clutch back on that was simple enough,but i now have 2 gears and i cant figure out where the heck they go??, i guess ones the kickstarter gear but still cant figure out how it goes in, and got no clue where the other one goes,so if anybody could explain to me? or maybe send me a picture of a layout or anything or any help web sites that would be great,thanks
  7. joescicchitano

    tc 610 and te 610,help

    anybody know??!??!? id really apreciate if someone got back to me!thanks
  8. joescicchitano

    tc 610 and te 610,help

    okay thanks,i now have the correct cylinder and head fror the bike,i just need the cam cover now, would it fit from the 93 te? on my tc610? or should i just by a new one?i called fastbyferraci and they wanted almost $500 for it,does that sound a lil to high?thanks
  9. joescicchitano

    tc 610 and te 610,help

    i have a 1999 tc 610 and needs whole new top end,a guy i no will give me his top end from a 1993 TE 610,i need the cylinder,cylinder head,cam cover and everything,does any body know if it would work with those parts on it>?????thanks please get back to me.
  10. joescicchitano

    Suzuki ltf250 wont start,help!!

    i recently purchased at 1990 ltf 250 and was told it only needed was a spring on the kick start gear so tht kickstart would come back up after you kick it down,well i got one of those and assembled it and i went to start but wouldnt start i tried a new spark plug completly cleaned out the carb but nothing,it has compression and spark and sound right when i kick but nothing,so after i put the new plug in and kicked it afew times i took the plug out to see if it was chared at all or wet but it looked as if it was not put in yet so that means no gas was getting to the cyclinder, i took the carb off and gave gas and isnt a small stream of gas supposed to shot out? well nothing came out so i took the jets off and cleaned them good but nothing still, no gas will shot out of the carb into cyclinder althoe there is gas getting into the bowl,any body have any suggestions on what to do???
  11. joescicchitano

    radiator cap tc 610

  12. joescicchitano

    radiator cap tc 610

    does any body no what the pressure should be on the radiator cap on a tc 610,i lost mines and need a new one i think its either 1.1 or 1.2 ,anybody know?
  13. joescicchitano

    tc 610 radiator cap

    hi i have 1999 tc 610 and got a new radiator cap(1.2)because i lost the old one and about a week or two after i got it antifreeze started leaking threw the spark plug hole in the cylinder making it bog out or die but i would have to ride it on a straight away for about a half mile then it will run fine after that,i changed the head gasket but nothing,do you think it could be the wrong size radiator cap,i have a 1.2 maybe too much pressure?
  14. joescicchitano

    hard starting hot te410

    to get it to tdc take of the ignition cover and pop out the spark plug and stick a drinking straw down the spark plug hole and rotate the flywheel,which is the round thing when you take the ignition cover off,get a wrench to fit it and rotate it untill the straw goes all the way up before it falls down,now remember to make sure its on the compression stroke when you do this,im not 100 %sure on how to make sure it is on that stroke but its a 50,50 chance you will get it,maybe somebody elese can assist you on that.
  15. joescicchitano

    250 or 450?

    go for the 450,thats would id do if i were you.the frames and handling should be pretty much the same although id imagin the 250 would be easier to throw around but the power of the 450 is very controllable but more powerful and faster then the 250 and and 450 also has great handling,comfortable, and easy to ride and wont get you tired fast.