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  1. I know that spastic designs makes some custom graphics. There site is www.spasticdesigns.com. Some of there kits are pretty nice and if you want one of there kits, you can get the colours customized/changed to whatever you want. Hope this helps!
  2. Ok, pics would be great.
  3. Black
  4. Hey I also need to put some new fork seals on my bike, just wondering how hard it is to put them in?
  5. Yes I am talking about the ones on ebay. By saying it will be harder on the motor do you mean I will have to replace the valve train more often running these cams? And do I have to change the valve springs to run these? Thanks
  6. I am currently looking for more power in my rmz and I can get a set of webcams for a good price. I'm just wondering if anybody has ran webcams and what the results were? Where did they put they make the most power? Are they reliable on a stock valve train or do you have to change your valve springs to run these cams? If you have to change the springs what kind is everybody running? By the way these cams are the ones with the .378/.340 valve lift. Thanks
  7. Transworld MX always has at least one article in every issue with somebody showing how to do a certain technique.
  8. Hey Kevin what kind of springs are you using with the webcams? When you use webcams you have to put new springs in don't you? Im wondering because Im looking at a set myself. Thanks
  9. I have an RMZ250 and I ordered an athena 290 big bore for it and I will also be puting a white bros full pipe on it at the same time. I am wondering what jetting specs you guys are running? I want to get the jets ordered now because I will be riding next weekend and want to have them ready to put in when I get the athena kit here. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. When I had my suzuki plastics, I was going to go with the suzuki amateur ones. I think they were one of the nicest, but I just got kxf plastics, and graphics instead. But if you go to BTOsports they have a lot of graphics to choose from and you could get an idea for several different kits on there site.
  11. That place looks sweeeet! My grandparents live near sudbury and I ride there about 2-4 times a year. I live in Belleville, Ont, which is about 7 hours from sudbury. Like others said, can you give us full directions how to get there?
  12. The RMZ and KXF were the same bike up untill 06.
  13. Ok Thanks for the help guys! KX250Frider651 PM me with a price for your white bros soon if you could. I am still interested in it!
  14. Thormx that is a sweet photoshoped bike of yours, If I still had yellow plastics I think that is the graphics kit I would go with. Nice bikes everyone.
  15. Ya that is where I can pick one up for cheap. I am wondering how they perform, and how they sound. I tried a search, but didn't get any results. Any help would be great. Thanks