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  1. That's how I found the problem is from your post thanks. I have been looking for the cause of power loss for weeks.
  2. I had a lean problem and fuel filter had a hole in it. The fuel line was bent inside the tank. Get fuel below filter in tank and look inside and hit the start button. It will be spraying. Bike would run just no power. The is a post on here about it. 25 hrs. 2017 350 sxf
  3. I had the same injury 3 yrs ago and took 1 yr before I rode a duel sport very carefully not to fall off.
  4. how much are you asking for it.
  5. ktm 300 xc
  6. Frist time there what would be best tires to run.thanks
  7. thinking of running s-12 front and rear
  8. what would be a good tire for snowshoe
  9. i think i'm going to order mt16 and give a try. thanks
  10. the new dunlop mx 31 comes in 120 90 18 have tried the mx 51 and it worked good the mx 51 comes in 110 100 18 but the soft tire comes in 120 90 18 never tried the mt 16. do they work good for hare scrambles on east coast thanks
  11. changed to 18 in. rim on cr250 and won't to get a tire that is the same height as stock which is 110 90 19. i think a 120 90 18 is the same height but a little wider thanks for the help.
  12. with stock head it has 205psi when i do a compression check and when i put #23 Phathead dome on it has 220psi. Do I have to run race gas like C-12 or like half and half with pump gas.
  13. 03 250 with 205psi stock and put a phathead and now 220psi do have to run C-112 now.
  14. will 2001 cr250 forks fit 2003 cr 250 diffence part numbers and what do the numbers mean. thanks
  15. weigh 215 and now 190 had bike valved and springs for 215 but now I have the clicker all the way out. Can I put the stock springs back in to help with the ride. So I can put the clicker back in the middle. thanks