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    *GRAPHIC* don't blame me!

    nobody fights fair anymore. This kinda **it pisses me off. Down here in Denver, one saturday night at 200am when all the clubs let out, there were gang bangers hangin outside. This is a street that has clubs on both sides. As people are leaving gettin into their cars these guys start pounding random people, draggin people out of their cars. It got real crazy. The bangers called what they did "wildin", i call it bull$h**. Id love to go toe to toe, but 4 or 5 at a time is ridiculous. Thats why i carry my trusty mini bat right by the side of my door. One whack in the timple from that little puppy, lights out. car jackers beware. Sucks for the kid that got jacked up though. Looks like he had quite the chin. He kept gettin up. If it would have been fair, the results might have been different.