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  1. I have thoughts of doing same thing here on my property in Westmoreland,TN(1 hr north of Nashville).I have promoted two Mid'south harescrambles here...would like to build a couple of motocross tracks and open up for both woods and mx practice. Any interest out there?? Brewtality42,who is quoting the insurance for you,none of my local ins. companies are very interested in this high risk coverage....thanks
  2. Thanks guys for the info. Yes, I ride(KTM 525 exc) mostly trail rider,but do a harescramble or two every year.I have already had a PW 50 for my son.The silencer was gone off the muffler,making the bike kinda loud....which scared him. He never rode it. TTR 50 should run a lot quieter. What's a good price for the TTR 50 new????I have found them in Tenn for $900.
  3. I'm wanting to buy a bike for my son this spring.He is 3.5 years old.He can ride a bicycle with training wheels,but he has never rode a motorcycle.He'll be riding in opens fields and maybe some flat woods later. I'll leaning toward the TTR 50 or the KTM Mini Adventure.What's ya'lls opinion??
  4. anybody going there this Sunday???
  5. or call Jerry@ 615-388-6279....thanks
  6. Sunday Aug. 20th. Westmoreland TN. New location for this great series.Come and ride with us!!!!!!
  7. Mid-South Harescrambles are great if you like the woods.There will be one in Westmoreland on Aug. 20.....about an hour north of the 'boro. This is a new location for the series.For details see
  8. Great races and nice people. Visit their website at Race next weekend July 9th at Gamaliel,Ky. Contact Grady for info at (270)457-2000.